Saturday, July 30, 2011



Today was the day I broke 90 on the golf course. I once scored a 90 and my goal was to break into the 80's at some point this year. The new golf clubs this year put a damper on the score but today was the day. I shot an 83. Woo Hoo!

Chloe's New Tags

I just had to share this video. I finally got tags for Chloe--I misspelled her name the first attempt at getting tags. Who misspells their own dogs name? Me. I just couldn't put "Clhoe" on her so she had to wait until I made it back to the pet store. Here is her reaction to the tags. It made me laugh.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Where has the summer gone....

I just looked at my blog to find out that I haven't posted anything since May 11th- really. Where has the summer gone.

My work blew up about 3 months ago, we had a massive amount of turnover for one reason or another and all pretty bizzare reasons or events. I have worked lots of hours and had lots of sleepless nights and it's not all settled yet.

Home life and hubby are going good. We've had a few bumps over the last couple of months but for the most part, we work through them and come out better on the other side. It's interesting learning to negoiate life with someone that doesn't ever go away.

Sadie has really started to show her age and has slowed down a lot. I'm so worried about her. It's made me think about her not being with us any longer, which is incredibly sad for me. Cowboy loves her as much as I do.

Chloe has been a challenge--a great puppy challenge. Cowboy is the pack leader for sure and I am her play mate. I love that puppy to death. She got spayed last thursday but it wasn't a good surgery. It took longer than expected and the cut was 8 inches long. Our task is to keep her calm and that is a huge chore.

Mom continues to not do well. She's not walking well and not getting out of the house. She said she wants to give up. I'm saying prayers that she will find the will to get better and move on.

My plan is to get back to blogging--so