Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kauaii: Day 4

So Day 4 started with at trip to Princeville Valley Adventures. We went on the Jungle Valley Adventure. The trip consisted of a mile hike, 3/4 mile of kayaking, followed by more hiking and then the zip line. The zip line was 480 feet over a valley 150 feet below then across a swinging bridge to 450 feet of zip line back. Then more hiking to a waterfall that we jumped off the rock ledge into the pool below. We had lunch and then hiking back, kayaking and more hiking. This was probably the most unexpected fun part of our trip. We all loved the kayaking and wished it was a longer ride.

Our Little Miss was the first on the zipline. She had been on a zipline diet of brownies all summer to gain enough weight to be able to ride.

Here's her momma's reaction.

The brother was being a little showoff.

Later that night, we went to the Smith Family Luau. The food was good and the performance was pretty awesome.

Little Miss jumped up on stage to do a hula dance. She's a preformer.

The opening ceremony with a real live cooked pig.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kauai Day 3

Day three we found ourselves on a catamaran around the Napali Coast. The ride around the island was great. We saw three pods of dolphins. The weather was awesome and we were able to go further up the coast line than normal. On the way back, we got to stop and snorkle along the coast line. The Napali Coast is rated one of the top 10 coastlines of the world and it's easy to see why. It was a beautiful cruise. My brother-in-law wanted to tough it out and didn't take any motion sickness pills, needless to say, he fed the fish most of the trip. Poor him, but I didn't feel sorry for him.

This excursion was fun. I love snorkeling and boating. Mom handled the trip well.

The rest of the day was spent boogie boarding and then having a nice dinner at home.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Kauai Day 2

Kauai day 2 started with being up before the sun came up. The five hour time difference made getting up at 5am feel like sleeping in. I went with the brother and family for a drive up the north coast. We stopped for some mountain shots and just to look at the beautiful island. Then it was off to find Hanalei Bay for a little beach time.

We then went to the famous lighthouse on the island and were able to see amazing views of the coast line form the point. The lighthouse was under renovation so we didn't get to get great picture.

Next it was off to meet up with the whole crew. We drove down the south coast and around to the west. We stopped off at Spouting Horn to see the water come in through the lava flows and we saw several sea turtles. Sea turtles are supposed to bring good luck.

We were then on our way to Waimea Canyon. It is considered the Grand Canyon of the island and it was beautiful. We had a great time there. It was the beginning of our planking experiences. (more on that later).

The day was amazing and so much fun for all.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day One of Kauaii

August 2nd was the beginning of our very first family vacation since we all left home. Mom wanted to take all her kids to Hawaii so we planned our trip to Kauai and we were off. There were 13 of us total. My mom, sister Kim and her husband Darren, sister Suz and her husband LeeRoy, me (my husband wanted to stay home and take care of the house and dogs, whatever!), my brother Rob and his kids, Braden and Haley, and his wife Missy, her mom Catherine and her sister Brenda and Brenda's daughter Jamie. What a Crew!

The first surprise happened at the airport. My neighbor who works for the airport, bumped my mom and I up to first class for the first leg of our flight. Then he found me and told me he had two more first class seats, so I had him bump my nephew and niece up to first class. This was their very first flight and my nephew's 16th birthday. They were so excited, the look on their face was priceless.

At the Phoenix airport, I made arrangement for my uncle to be at the airport to see my mom. Both are in poor health and this will most likely be the last time my mom sees her brother. It was great. Brent had never met my sister-in-law or the kids. It was 27 years since he had seen my oldest sister. The picture below is the family minus the two brother-in-laws.

Mom also got to fly first class to Kauai, thanks to Brenda. Mom looked so happy when we finally got there.

If you ever wondered what luggage looked like for 13 people-here it is. We were all so excited to be in Kauai.

The picture below is from the first sun rise on our semi-private beach. We rented a house near on Anahola bay. It was a small slice of heaven.

Saturday, July 30, 2011



Today was the day I broke 90 on the golf course. I once scored a 90 and my goal was to break into the 80's at some point this year. The new golf clubs this year put a damper on the score but today was the day. I shot an 83. Woo Hoo!

Chloe's New Tags

I just had to share this video. I finally got tags for Chloe--I misspelled her name the first attempt at getting tags. Who misspells their own dogs name? Me. I just couldn't put "Clhoe" on her so she had to wait until I made it back to the pet store. Here is her reaction to the tags. It made me laugh.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Where has the summer gone....

I just looked at my blog to find out that I haven't posted anything since May 11th- really. Where has the summer gone.

My work blew up about 3 months ago, we had a massive amount of turnover for one reason or another and all pretty bizzare reasons or events. I have worked lots of hours and had lots of sleepless nights and it's not all settled yet.

Home life and hubby are going good. We've had a few bumps over the last couple of months but for the most part, we work through them and come out better on the other side. It's interesting learning to negoiate life with someone that doesn't ever go away.

Sadie has really started to show her age and has slowed down a lot. I'm so worried about her. It's made me think about her not being with us any longer, which is incredibly sad for me. Cowboy loves her as much as I do.

Chloe has been a challenge--a great puppy challenge. Cowboy is the pack leader for sure and I am her play mate. I love that puppy to death. She got spayed last thursday but it wasn't a good surgery. It took longer than expected and the cut was 8 inches long. Our task is to keep her calm and that is a huge chore.

Mom continues to not do well. She's not walking well and not getting out of the house. She said she wants to give up. I'm saying prayers that she will find the will to get better and move on.

My plan is to get back to blogging--so

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

13 Goals

This is a hard one for me since I live by short term goals all the time.

At work, my goals are daily--more like a "to do list". Right now, with all of our turnover, this is the best approach for my sanity.

Personally, I usually have a project that I'm focused on. Right now we are in the middle of a kitchen remodel. Granite tomorrow....yeah!

Life-Continue to improve my marriage, retire by 60, live healthy, move back to the country.

Golf- break into the 80's this summer.

Tonight- sleep!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Assignment 12-What I Believe

What I believe-

*I believe in God. I think God is good and he created all things good. I believe that God can take care of all things and will show us the path if we put our trust and faith in him.

*I believe that there are three things that are better kept private, opinions about religion, beliefs about politics, and thoughts on abortion. All are private and should be kept that way, and it's not right to force or impose your thoughts about these three subject on someone else.

*I believe in love and faithfulness.

*I believe in family and sticking by family through thick and thin.

*I believe that people have the capacity to change and become something different if they want to be.

*I believe that if you put out good in this world, you will get back good.

*I believe that if you think you can do something, with work, you can do it.

*I believe in me.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Assignment 11- Favorite TV shows

So what are my favorite TV Show-

First of all I love reality TV shows--and will occasionally stop and watch an episode of something that I don't follow regularly. Shows like Ax Men, Ice Road Truckers, Deadliest Catch, one of the many Real Housewives, and on and on. For me, I like to see how real people act and behave...

So what do I really watch-

Survivor. Love, love, love this show and want to be on it someday. My ex-boyfriends son was on it. I love to watch the social dynamic that occurs in this situation.

Criminal Minds- Cowboy and I just started to watch this show together and have fallen in love with it.

My other three reality shows--Amazing race, The Biggest Loser, and the Apprentice.

I like 60 minutes. Give me a 20/20 over a comedy.

Grey's Anatomy- who wouldn't want to watch McDreamy and McSteamy.

HGTV and TLC have so many shows that I love and have gotten many ideas for my own home.

But probably my biggest secret is watching the bridal shows--I only became interested in wedding shows only after I planned my own wedding. I want to get married again because I loved my wedding day.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

10-something you are afraid of

One of my biggest fears is that I will grow old alone and die alone. I think of this often. I don't have kids so who is going to take care of me when I get old-that is assuming that I will live long enough to get old and need taking care of.

My great aunt did not have children and for numerous reasons, I ended up being her guardian. I wonder if one of my nieces or nephews will do the same for me. It really scares me when I think about it. For now, I'm just going to believe that Cowboy and I will grow old together and die at a ripe old age in our sleep.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Picture of Friends

My two best friends in the world, Sharon and Tonya. Sharon and I met in 1984 at college. We pledged the same sorority and out of all the women that pledged that day, I have pictures of the two of us together. Now 27 years later, we are still best friends and have so many stories to tell. She lives far away but it feels like she is next door. Tonya, on the right, was an employee that I hired in 2002. She was special from her interview and over the years, our friendship has grown and gotten better and better. They are the best friends that anyone could have. I'm so lucky they are in my life.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 8--I mean assignment 8- places I've traveled

When we were growing up, travel wasn't much in the plans. My dad was a hog farmer and it was next to impossible to leave the farm. I do remember that we took a trip to Branson and one to St. Louis. On the trip to St. Louis, my mom gave us a new barbie outfit each hour to pass the time. She and my grandma had made them. In high school, I went on an exchange trip to Aladdin, WY population 11. I stayed with a family for a week in the middle of no-where but did get to go to Sturgis for bike week (actually we just drove through). We did get to see the Badlands, Mt. Rushmore, and a few other sites along the way. It wasn't until I was in college that my traveling began. Spring Break at Daytona, a road trip to Lubbock, TX, pledge sneak to Dallas, TX, senior sneak to Iowa. I have travel a lot since then- Myrtle Beach, Norfolk, LA, San Diego, Yuma, Phoenix, San Antonio, Houston, Nashville, Louisville, Detroit, Green Bay, Niagara Falls, and many more places. My favorite thing to do is to just hang out in a place and do local things based on the advice of locals. Lately, my trips are to St. Augustine to see my dear friend. I'm most excited about going Hawaii in August.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 7- Movies

I guess I should be saying--assignment 7 versus Day 7, since my days don't run consecutative. On with today--MOVIES There are several movies that I just love and will watch them over and over again-either on DVD, VHS or TV. The first was probably the Wizard of Oz. This movie was a family event and we watched it every year religiously. The other movies that I loved and still do Man on Fire--must be the helper in me that feels for the broken spirit of Creasy. Lion King-what can you say Hakuna Matata (did is spell that right) Shawshank Redemption-cause every one has to have hope The Notebook- Alzheimer's runs in the family and I wonder what it was like when my grandma realized Sweet Home Alabama-good old fashion love story Legends of the Fall-the family dynamics and love twist, get me every time Avatar-I'm not a sci-fi lover but loved this film, probably why it makes the list Who can forget- TopGun- my first love and I had lines from this movie memorized and would watch it every weekend. I love movies.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 6- Things that make me happy

I always say I'm not a dog person, but I'm a Sadie person and now I'm a Sadie and a Chloe person. Sadie has brought me so much happiness in my life. I love her dearly and I'm falling in love with Chloe daily. It makes me happy to see them getting along.

My most recent happiness come in the form of an almost 3 year old grandson that has come back into our lives. I have a feeling there will be lots of babysitting in our future! I loved watching Jared with Sadie and Sadie with him. Such sweet moments.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 5- My Siblings

So let me tell you about my siblings. My oldest sister, Kimmer Kay, as she was called by my brother is only 23 months older than me. She was the "bossy" older sister and always got to be the teacher when we played school. We had a lot of sibling rivalry because it was always two against one. One of the clearest memories I have of her is when she threw an ink pen at me and it stuck in my arm. However, I have the greatest appreciation for her. She had the biggest heart. She is kind and generous. She loves her children and grandchildren with the greatest passion. Her life has not be the easiest but she is a fighter and is super resilient. Then there is Suz. She is only 1 year and three days older than me. We often get mistaken as twins, especially when we were growing up. We were always the same size. I was the tall one. We have a running joke about which one of us looks older. We fought like cats and dogs, especially after Kim left home. Suz was the shy quite one. So not a trouble maker in our family. She turned out the be the adventurous one. She is the globe trotter and always has unusual jobs in weird locations. Then there is the little brother. He is 4 1/2 years younger than I am. Spoiled rotten by everyone. He was a pain as a little kid but we all loved him. He has become an amazing man. Guided by his faith and love for his family, I could not be prouder to call him my brother. I'm sure if my parents knew some of the trouble we got into, their hair would be gray.

Finally, there is my 3rd sister. Techinally my sister-in-law but she hold the same spot in my hearts as my sisters do. I can't remember a time when she wasn't around. Miss is the best addition to a family that anyone could have.
I love my family and feel like the luckiest person in the world to have them in my life. I can only hope that they feel half the love for me as I feel for them.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 4- My Parents

I love my parents. It's that simple. Here's a pic of my dad holding his great granddaughter.

Below is me and my mom. (not sure what I was doing with my mouth)
My parents met in 1957 in the back of a car cruisin' main street in Chanute, KS. They were seniors in high school and a car load of girls jumped in with a car load of boys and they were history. My dad followed my mom around for the next 5 years until they were married in May 1962--almost 49 years ago. Mom was a city girl and dad was a farmer. They settled in rural southeast KS and made a family, a home and a life together ever since.

My parents taught us the value of a hard days work. They taught us that even if you are money poor you may be life rich. They taught us about the importance of sticking by family through thick and thin. They taught us about unconditional love and support.

Because we have had some health challenges with them in the past couple of months, it as brought a new awareness to each of us four children about the incredible job they have done of raising a family. I think we value them more now then ever before and the lessons that they have taught us. In a day and time when families don't get along, ours is stronger then ever thank to my mom and dad.

So here's to you Sharon and Marion-- I love you with all my heart!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Oops- I missed a day

Blogging Day 3 Challenge-First Love So I have somewhat of an excuse- yesterday was my 2nd anniversary so didn't think it was quite appropriate to blog about my first love. I didn't date much in high school and didn't really have a boyfriend in college. So I didn't have my first love until I finished college. I had just graduated and was living in the same town I went to college. I was working my first real job. When I met my first love , Jimmy Don Q.. I met him at a cowboy bar when I was out with my friends. All I remember was that he asked me to dance quite a bit that night and that he talked a lot. I saw him a couple of weeks later and we ended up dancing the night away. He was in the army, divorce and had a son--all the things that I said I did not want in a relationship. That night he wanted to take me out to for breakfast and then take me home. No go. (I had such good boundaries with him). We had a date that Monday and the rest was history. We saw each other almost daily from then on. He was fun, so nice and great to be around. He was scheduled to leave about 8 months after we met and I kept saying that I would say good-bye when the time came. In the end, I moved with him. I was so in love with him and believed that I would be married to him for the rest of my life. We were together for over a year and in the end, he was transferred to Korea, where he got married about 4 months after being there. He broke my heart. But in the end, I'm glad that I had met him and loved him. There are times that I wish I could see him one more time. There are times that I wonder what my life would have been like. I used to think about him often but over the past 21 years, that memory has faded and he's just a sweet thought that crosses my mind every now and again.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 2 of Blog Challenge

Day 2- Meaning behind your blog title. My boyfriend at the time (now my hubby) had really struggle with the thought of living in a big city. He has always lived in small town Kansas and more often than not, in the country on acreage. He moved to the city to be with me. My Cowboy is a real cowboy at heart. He wears his boots with shorts and his cowboy hat is most often on top of his head. I love that he is his own person and doesn't really care what others think of him and how he dresses. "Living with a Cowboy in the City" is really about how we are navigating our way in this world and it happens to be in the city for right now. I'm sure my next title will be "Living the Cowboy life in the Country".

Saturday, March 26, 2011

30 days of Blogging

I am taking the challenge to do the 30 days of blogging as seen on my friends Caroline's blog.

Day One- Introduce, recent picture and 15 interesting facts.

So I have been blogging for about 3 years after Caroline convinced me to try it. I wanted to capture all the moments I had with my Cowboy so I could have a history and memory of our life. I'm a Clinical Director for a Substance Abuse Services in a community mental health agency. A job I've been at for almost 17 years and love but feel like I have no idea what I'm doing most days.

I grew up on a farm and am the only ones that lives more than an hour away from my parents in the city. I met my hubby 17 years ago but only married him 2 years ago. We were on and off during that time.

I love the neighborhood we live in with our two dogs. We are truly country folks that just happen to live in the city.

Here is Chloe and I about a week ago.

15 Interesting facts-

1) I love Survivor and have dreams of being on the show, I've sent in my video and application a couple of times.

2) Despite having two dogs, I don't consider myself a dog person and don't get real thrilled about other dogs.

3) I'm pretty crafty and love to scrapbook, sew and do any artsy craftsy thing that I think I can re-create.

4) I've only been in love with two people and they happened 20 years apart in my life.

5) Sadie was the first real pet I ever had.

6) I am a pro at chasing pigs, driving tractors, and doing general farm work.

7) I only started golfing 10 years ago, my attempt to meet men.

8) I love to play games--all kinds of games, so much so that my husband often has to tell me to get off my phone or computer.

9) Once I graduated college, I've only asked my parents for help one time, for a loan for a downpayment on my first house. Everything I have, I've paid for since.

10) I always end up being the "president" of the organizations that I belong to--HOA, alumni groups, work groups, etc.

11) I love to speak in public.

12) My dream job would be a "flipper", flipping houses in real estate.

13) I love folding laundry. (My second dream job would be to work for Tide "loads of hope" folding all the laundry...haha)

14) I love being in water, swimming, boating, sitting on the beach, if water is involved, I'm there.

15) I love to be snuggled at night- I'm not a good snuggler but I love to be held.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Cowboy and I have been debating on whether or not to add to our family. I want a baby and he wanted a puppy. So we added a puppy. Meet Chloe. Chloe is a 7 week old weimaraner/German short hair mix. She is adorable. Her first night was long, lots of crying. But, knock on wood, no accidents in the house yet. Today has been much better. She is learning about us and has done better. Sadie is not thrilled that she is here but we are hoping that in a few weeks they will become fast friends.

I think we have bonded. She loves to be held and cuddled.

Daddy decided her name. Chloe was our favorite waitress at one of our favorite restaurants. Since he couldn't have the real Chloe, he got this one instead. haha

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Our belated Christmas

We celebrated Christmas late--but I was so thankful that we were celebrating.

The big Texas Hold'em game.
My Sister-in law, better watch what face you make, you'll never know where it will end up.

The sisters.

My niece, don't we look alike. (my mouth is full of yummies)

Mom and the niece.

Sadie just lounging in our bed. Spoiled rotten girl.

The Cowboy and I after church, the picture for our Christmas card that never got sent.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Wow, where has 2011 gone....

I can't believe that it's already January 24th. This month has flown by. I still don't seem to be able to get into the swing of everyday "normal" life.

My mom had her surgery on January 12th. It was a long day of waiting, the surgery and then waiting more. She had her thyroid taken out because of a small tumor on it. The tumor was cancerous but it was all removed and so she won't have to have anymore treatment. They also took out a para thyroid glad that was 8 times the normal size and one that was 15 times the normal size. Immediately, her level dropped. She is still recovering but she is getting stronger and stronger every day.

We have spent much of the beginning of the year on the road or in the hospital. I wouldn't have traded it for the world if it meant that it would help my mom. The Monday before her surgery, she went back to see her doctor and he said, "The last time I saw you was the last time that I thought I would ever see you". He also told her that if it weren't for her kids, she probably wouldn't be alive. Persistance and rentlessly saying that saying Mom wasn't right got the right kind of attention.

I finally got my Christmas decorations down yesterday. Although we haven't celebrated Christmas as family, I figured I didn't have an excuse to keep them up any longer.

Cowboy has been a real trooper through all of this. He has sat in the hospital for hours with my mom, bought her shakes, driven me up and down the highway.

I love my husband. I love my mom. I'm lucky to have them both in my life.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mom Update

So here's the scoop on mom and other such stuff.

I went to see Mom in the hospital on the 27th. Happy Birthday to her. The doctor walked in to see her and asked what big holiday did we just have and mom's immediate answer was "My Birthday". I knew she was on the mend. She had improved so much over the course of a couple of days with her calcium within normal limits. I really knew she was on the mend when that evening when she was able to carry on a conversation with three people in the room.

On the 28th, my mom was asking to see my dad. She couldn't remember anything. We have told her the story of her being hospitalized and what happened when but she doesn't remember any of it. Maybe a blessing in disguise. Dad came up to see mom. This whole ordeal has made me realize how much my parents really love each other.

On the 29th, mom was released. She went home and was thrilled. They have found a 1 1/2 inch tumor on her thyroid and an abnormal para thyroid gland. She will have to have surgery to have them removed but she got to go home. My brother stayed with my parents the first night and then they were going to take my mom to the nursing home. However, we all stepped up and spent one night with the folks until mom had enough strength to be home alone.

Cowboy and I got Saturday until Sunday duty. I played beauty shop with Mom--pedi, mani and hair dyed with a little trim. She said she felt better. I was so impressed with her progress. She is getting better every day.

She went back to see her doctor on Monday and he told her that the last time he saw her, he thought it would be the last time he ever saw her. He said that if it wasn't for us kids, she might not be alive. He called us persistent. I think that we are very lucky that we got mom where she needed to be.

Mom is not out of the woods yet. She has to have surgery on Wednesday. They will take out her thyroid and para thyroid. She will be on a synthetic thyroid for the rest of her life. I'm excited to see her progress after she has the surgery.

New Year's was un-eventful for Cowboy and I. We were able to sneak off and see a couple of good friends overnight. We are still waiting to have our family Christmas but we have so much to be thankful for, that I don't need much more.