Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 4- My Parents

I love my parents. It's that simple. Here's a pic of my dad holding his great granddaughter.

Below is me and my mom. (not sure what I was doing with my mouth)
My parents met in 1957 in the back of a car cruisin' main street in Chanute, KS. They were seniors in high school and a car load of girls jumped in with a car load of boys and they were history. My dad followed my mom around for the next 5 years until they were married in May 1962--almost 49 years ago. Mom was a city girl and dad was a farmer. They settled in rural southeast KS and made a family, a home and a life together ever since.

My parents taught us the value of a hard days work. They taught us that even if you are money poor you may be life rich. They taught us about the importance of sticking by family through thick and thin. They taught us about unconditional love and support.

Because we have had some health challenges with them in the past couple of months, it as brought a new awareness to each of us four children about the incredible job they have done of raising a family. I think we value them more now then ever before and the lessons that they have taught us. In a day and time when families don't get along, ours is stronger then ever thank to my mom and dad.

So here's to you Sharon and Marion-- I love you with all my heart!

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