Saturday, March 26, 2011

30 days of Blogging

I am taking the challenge to do the 30 days of blogging as seen on my friends Caroline's blog.

Day One- Introduce, recent picture and 15 interesting facts.

So I have been blogging for about 3 years after Caroline convinced me to try it. I wanted to capture all the moments I had with my Cowboy so I could have a history and memory of our life. I'm a Clinical Director for a Substance Abuse Services in a community mental health agency. A job I've been at for almost 17 years and love but feel like I have no idea what I'm doing most days.

I grew up on a farm and am the only ones that lives more than an hour away from my parents in the city. I met my hubby 17 years ago but only married him 2 years ago. We were on and off during that time.

I love the neighborhood we live in with our two dogs. We are truly country folks that just happen to live in the city.

Here is Chloe and I about a week ago.

15 Interesting facts-

1) I love Survivor and have dreams of being on the show, I've sent in my video and application a couple of times.

2) Despite having two dogs, I don't consider myself a dog person and don't get real thrilled about other dogs.

3) I'm pretty crafty and love to scrapbook, sew and do any artsy craftsy thing that I think I can re-create.

4) I've only been in love with two people and they happened 20 years apart in my life.

5) Sadie was the first real pet I ever had.

6) I am a pro at chasing pigs, driving tractors, and doing general farm work.

7) I only started golfing 10 years ago, my attempt to meet men.

8) I love to play games--all kinds of games, so much so that my husband often has to tell me to get off my phone or computer.

9) Once I graduated college, I've only asked my parents for help one time, for a loan for a downpayment on my first house. Everything I have, I've paid for since.

10) I always end up being the "president" of the organizations that I belong to--HOA, alumni groups, work groups, etc.

11) I love to speak in public.

12) My dream job would be a "flipper", flipping houses in real estate.

13) I love folding laundry. (My second dream job would be to work for Tide "loads of hope" folding all the laundry...haha)

14) I love being in water, swimming, boating, sitting on the beach, if water is involved, I'm there.

15) I love to be snuggled at night- I'm not a good snuggler but I love to be held.

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Caroline said...

I love your second dream job. I love that Tide does that for areas that are experiencing a disaster.

I am glad you will be doing the 30 day challenge also. I look forward to reading.