Friday, May 30, 2008

Sadie Sick???

I don't know if I mentioned it or not but Sadie is a rescue dog. She was chained outside and almost starved to death. When she was picked up by animal control she was 44 lbs (almost 30 lbs underweight). They weren't sure she would live through the night. But she did. She went into weimaraner puppy foster care for 2 months and stayed with a friend of mine for a couple of weeks during that time. That is how I ended up with her. She is a wonderful dog, with the exception that she is very food focused. However, the past two days she hasn't eaten anything. I think she has an upset stomach. She has only done this one other time in the past 6 years that she has been with me. So food in her dog bowl is a rare sight. She finally ate around 8p tonight.
She wasn't quite sick enough to not play with her toys. She doesn't like "toys" as much as she likes dead stuff animal carcasses. They were all over the living room floor when I got home. Silly, goofy adorable dog!
Cowboy hand dug up the flower bed tonight. He was a sweaty mess. I just sat around and watched him. I included the picture so you all could take note of his hankie under his hat. Don't you just love it!

I went to see the hottie eye doctor. They are going to do surgery on both of my eyes in two weeks. They will not be doing Lasik again but PRK. It sounds like it's a little more intense and I'll have to the hottie eye doctor 4 times that week. My last surgery went well so I'm anticipating the same thing again. Can't wait to have sharper vision again.

Gotta get to bed. Cowboy said he's dragging me out of bed at 6a to go garage selling. We'll see about that.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Our Conversation

We occasionally have these conversations that go something like this-

MJ-"I'm going to have some friends over next Friday night"
Cowboy-"All women, I'm going fishing, hunting or chasing women"
MJ-"Why would you want to chase women, when you have the best at home"
Cowboy-"There may be one better out there"
MJ-"I'm sure you have the best"
Cowboy- " I dunno, I might find one better"
MJ-"How many women have you met that patch your jeans"
Cowboy- "One"
MJ-"How many women have you met that play golf with you"
MJ-"How many women have you met that cook, do your laundry, and take care of you"
MJ-"How many women rub on you as much as I do"
Cowboy-"One, I don't think I'll look any further"

He knows he has the best. I just have to keep reminding him in case he forgets.

He got all the yard work done today. I can't believe that for the past two years I have only mowed the yard a handful of times. I really thought that I would be single all my life so sometimes it surprises me that in the span of 2 1/2 years I have really come to depend on him for so many things. It is so nice to know that he is so steady and reliable, yet a ton of fun.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Male Bonding

Wednesday night at the local pub is cheap beer night. It is not uncommon for Cowboy to meet his buddy Fish for a drink or two or three or four. Tonight they met for several beers. Cowboy calls me around 6:30p saying he was on his way home and would grill. Oh and by the way, Fish is coming over for dinner. Not really a problem with me. However, Cowboy comes into the house saying how he had to go have the beers with Fish to show him that he wasn't "pussy-whipped". "You know, you can't let your buddies think you are pussy whipped" Cowboy informed me. I knew I was in for a fun time. Really, why is it that when boys are around their friends, they have to act all tough and macho. During dinner I get a "Woman, hop up and get my coffee out of the microwave". Really, did you say that. Just a macho statement to try to prove you aren't whipped.

He did redeem himself a little. He did the dishes and the brought me a small hot fudge sunday with nuts on top. I think he knows he is whipped!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A New Garden Spot

When we moved into our house in November, we knew we had lots of yard work to do and Cowboy has been plugging along. Today, I came home and I have the beginnings of a garden. I'm so excited. There are many things we have in common and the love of gardening is one of those things. Hopefully, we'll get to have some tomatoes, peppers, radishes, and who knows what else. This was such a nice surprise. I didn't think we (meaning him) would have time to get this done until later this year. Doesn't he look cute working in is shorts and cowboy boots!

One other cute story about my Cowboy. On Saturday night, I had D (my great nephew) cleaned up and ready for bed. Cowboy came into the house and asked if D had ever went "cruising for chicks". D just looked at him like he was crazy. Cowboy told him to get his shoes on and get ready to go for a ride. Cowboy took him out in the convertible and they went for a ride. Cowboy said anytime someone would pull up next to them, D would sit a little taller in the seat and would say hi to the people next to him. D was so excited when he got back to the house. He came in saying, "We cruised chicks!" Cowboy is teaching him young.

Monday, May 26, 2008

A Day for Rest

So we finally got our day of rest. After company and cleaning yesterday, today was a day for being lazy. We slept in until about 8:30a, a little breakfast, and I read for awhile. I love reading and haven't given myself much time for it lately. A friend turned me on to a new to me author, Jodi Picoult. I just finished reading 19 minutes and thought it was worth reading. I have another of her books waiting to be started.

We had a tee time around 1p and waited anxiously all morning to see if we would get rained out. It was a go. Cowboy gave me 9 strokes and we were playing for dinner. After 17, we were tied so it came down to the last hole. We both tied. I argued that since he didn't beat me, he had to buy dinner. He said he didn't lose, so I had to buy dinner. The two guys we were golfing with thought they should decide. They picked Cowboy to buy. We settled for a compromise, no one bought, he fixed dinner for me and it was very good.

Then it was TV time. At around 8:30p, he came into the living room to watch TV with me. I sucked him into watching the Bachelorette. Picture that. His comment, "How'd you get me to watch such trash TV, we need to be watching a western". I just reminded him that I watch a lot of westerns with him, he can watch this with me. And he did.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Full Day

So much for a quiet weekend and taking it easy. The day started with breakfast for 8, big difference from just the two of us. My niece and nephew, their other halves, and my great niece and nephew stayed all night. Every bed in the house was full and the breakfast table was full. I love entertaining and having my family around, Cowboy on the other hand is not as thrilled. Probably the biggest difference we have. He doesn't like the thought of the house being messed up and things not in their place. Yes, I live with a neat-nick. So after the company left, the house got scrubbed from top to bottom. It did need it but after 8 loads of laundry, tons of sheets and towels, I'm a little tired.

Here is a small part of the housecleaning conversation. "Are you going to use hot water to mop the floor" asked Cowboy. "Yes". "Are you planning on drying it with a towel after you mop it" he asked. My reply, "I'm assuming since you are asking the question, that is what you want me to do". "It won't leave streaks that way", he justifies. NEAT-NICK---who dries their floor after they mop it????
My flower garden didn't get very far. It is still wet. However, Cowboy did get my stone pathway put in and the flower bed lines. The rain yesterday and the humidity today didn't dry it out enough for me to start planting. Speaking of humidity, my goal was to not turn on the AC until July, however, if the humidity keeps this up, I may shoot for June.
We had a small neighborhood supper, very nice. May go over to one of the neighbor's homes for a cold one later. Who knows I may even fall asleep before then.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Day with Kids

We did it! Get those minds out of the gutter... We slept in and I mean slept until 9am that is an all time record for Cowboy and I. It sure was nice. We are usually up and going around 7:30 so this morning was a real treat. Cowboy was off to go to his son's to build a cement block wall. My niece and nephew came to town to go to an amusement park so I was the lucky one and got the great niece and nephew. D is 5 and Katybug is 2--what an adventure.

We started the day by going to Wal-mart to the flower department and then McDonald's for lunch. That was more than enough to wear me out. Katybug fell asleep on the way home so I thought it might be a good time to get D to take a little nap. As soon as we got out of the car, they were both awake and ready to go. I took them to an awesome playground less than a block from the house. WEAR THEM OUT. We then came home to plant the flowers.

It was a handful, D was a huge help and Katybug kept getting into the mud from the dirt that we had delivered. Sadie was trying to catch birds. Now I know how my mom felt with three girls under 2 years old. (Yes, I have to older sister's less than 2 years older than me, not twins). I didn't have enough arms, eyes (not that they are working well) and energy to keep up with them all. I actually managed quite well. However, their clothing was a mess.

Here is part of our finished product. I just got all our pots done and didn't get to work on the flower bed, thanks to the thunderstorm and rain around 5a. They headed in for a bath, then it was supper and now, they are sleeping.

Cowboy thought it would be a good challenge for me. He doesn't think I'm serious about kids but he is so good with them and I would love to have one or two. I can't let him know that I am TIRED.

Back to the eyes, they were really good today--both distance and close up. It was weird putting in my contacts this morning. I wore them for 22 years and then have been without them for 8 years.

Cowboy is tired and trying to find some western on TV. So I'll sign off and go snuggle with him until the kids get home--the older kids, that is.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Waiting to be transformed

That's me, waiting to be transformed into a wife, into seeing again, into a mom, into a rich chick, but really, it means this little piece of land is waiting form me to transform it into my flower garden.

This is a little piece of land between our patio and deck that has absolutely no use but after this weekend will by my flower garden. Cowboy is putting in a rock path for me to the water hose and I'm going to be doing the rest and I can't wait.

We are planning a lazy weekend, sleeping in, garage sales and then nothing else. My niece and nephew will be coming to the big city to go to the amusement park and I may have two little munchkins following me around (I am a great-aunt, in all sense of the word great).

Also about the eyes, I had Lasik over 8 years ago and recently my distance vision is failing me. So for the first time in 8 years, I have contacts in. We are conducting a test for the next week on which option I should go with. Correcting both eyes for distance or doing the mono vision thing where they correct one eye and let my brain figure out which eye to use for what situation. I'm pretty sure my brain will think it's a little to complicated to decide how I should see, it may amaze me. It should be interesting and I should be having eye surgery again in two weeks. Besides, my eye doctor was HOT!!!! I may have to make lots of visit before I decide what to do---don't tell Cowboy.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Time to Blog

The jury is still out. Cowboy is still not sure that I should be blogging. Every evening, he goes between getting off the computer long enough to let me blog and kicking me off the computer so he can do his "work". He does need the computer to work but he's starting to frustrate me. So I'm home by myself and I can blog all I want and read all the blogs I want. I keep telling him that this is a history of our life but I don't think that is important to him. He'll thank me when were 8o years old and read this.

Work has been crazy. Bear with me for a second. I would love my job if it weren't for employee issues. Why can't people just do their job? I mean really, if you know what is expected of you and you have the skills and tools to do your job, why don't you just do it so I won't have to fire you and deal with the mess you leave behind. We fired someone this week. That is never a pleasant task, I can't say she wasn't warned because I said clearly to her face that she was headed in that direction. Enough about that...

Work was good today but there are days that I would much rather be a worker bee instead of the queen bee. However, we got a very nice compliment from that State department that we contract with. Some good and some bad, I guess that is all in a days work.

I was in charge of supper tonight. We are trying Papa Murphy's for the first time. I hope it's good. We don't get pizza often. Cowboy is in for a treat.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Super dog

This was my morning entertainment. When I got out of the shower, Cowboy had dressed the dog for the day. It was her super hero cape. I'm not sure that it made her possess any super hero powers, in fact all she did was lay down and play dead. Goofy, goofy, wonderfully goofy Sadie.

The morning started off great. I got to sleep in a few extra minutes because I wasn't going directly to the office. Snuggle time with Cowboy, always a good thing. But the day went on and was just weird. Have you ever felt like you've been in a time warp all day long. I was in 4 meetings today and that lasted 8 hours. No one should be in meetings for 8 hours, that's crazy.

I came home to a very nice surprise. Cowboy had worked on my flower garden all day. He put in a stone walkway and hauled in dirt. Watch for pictures in the next couple of days. Our yard is turning out great. He's a great yard boy. Well, actually he's pretty good at everything, especially making my morning start right! ;)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Yard Boy

We have started a big yard project. When we moved into our house, we both realized how neglected the yard had been. We quickly learned from our neighbors that the previous owners were never outside and neved did any yard work. On Cowboy's birthday, we had 10 yards of dirt hauled in. He has been putting dirt in the holes in our yard for the past three days.

Today, I called home and he was a grumpy butt. Occasionally, he gets in foul moods (maybe male PMS) and is not pleasant to be around. I ended the phone call quickly. He called back later in a good mood. I talked him into going to buy flowers with me. It was fun having someone to go with me.

One thing you have to know about Cowboy is he will talk to anyone. We were at Home Depot and he saw a Mini Cooper convertible in the parking lot. He went over to inspect it and asked everyone he saw if it was theirs. Some hot chick claimed it was hers and the conversation was on. I swear I did all my shopping, paid and was waiting at the truck and he was still talking. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a little. He came out the store waving keys saying he asked the girl if he could take the car of a spin. I just looked at him like he was crazy. It dawned on me that he was waving his keys....silly boy.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Huge Compliment

Occassionally, Cowboy will pass out a huge compliment. He says he doesn't do it often to keep me in line. Whatever. Today, he said he was happy to play golf with his son, however, I was his favorite golf partner. (Huge, huge compliment) So many men hate to play golf with women, so I'm thrilled he likes to golf with me.

I have worked hard with him to let him know that our relationship doesn't have to be one sided. He takes care of me or I take care of him. We are really working on the concept of being a team and doing what teammates do--cheer on the other, carry your own weight, help the other out, etc. He's catching on and getting very good at being my partner and teammate. His past relationships have always been very one sided--He's always played the role of a caretaker. Today I told him that I was probably the best woman he has ever known and he's lucky to have me. He couldn't argue with that....he's learning.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Drunk Cowboy

It was his birthday and I wasn't home so he went to see his friend here in town. Apparently, Guinness, lemonade and gin were the drink of the evening and judging from when he got home, he had plenty to drink. It's it amazing that after lots of drinks, some cigarettes and who knows what else, men tend to think they are the sexiest thing in the world..... he was quite amusing. I had to just laugh and keep reminding myself that it was his birthday.

It was also a very short night. He had to be at his son's at 7:30a for a golf outing. I opted out of this one and got to spend all morning by myself. When I was single, I hated spending all weekend by myself and welcomed company. My married friends would complain about not having time to themselves. I get it now. The time alone was welcomed. I didn't even get dressed until after noon.

We had Cowboy's kids and their other halves over for dinner. Great food, good company. It was the first time in 2 1/2 years for various reasons that both kids have been with their dad in the same place. It was awesome having them here and I think everyone enjoyed it.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Cowboy

Today is the big guy's birthday. Happy Birthday Cowboy! After his morning playtime with Sadie, we headed to the golf course for an 8a tee time. It's a shame that you have to get up that early on your birthday but it was his choice. He beat me by 3 strokes but he also used lots of mulligans. We played for breakfast on the last hole. He gave me a stroke so I beat him by one stroke. It's a shame he had to buy breakfast on his birthday. At breakfast, he called his daughter. His end of the conversation went like this, "yeah, MJ tells me all the time that if I married her I could have insurance. Don't think that is a good reason to get married but it's going to happen anyways". He warming up to the idea marriage, still need the ring.

He had to stay home a work today. We had a truck load of dirt hauled in but he's out now having a birthday drink. I went to the farm for my niece's graduation from HS. She was beautiful. I can't believe she is so grown up--where did the time go.

Happy Graduation Miss Cass! Here's hoping the rest of your life is full of promise and fulfillment.

I took Caroline to the farm with me. I think she saw glimpses of living out her Little House on the Prairie dream. And yes, I did have to hog tie her to get her back in the car to go back to the city.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Home at Last

The conference is over and I'm finally home. The resort we stayed in was nice and there were some useful training that I went to but as you can see by my notes, that my ADD kicks in alittle when I have to sit all day and listen to a speaker. I am the "Doodle Queen". It is helpful to get away and gain a different perspective on the work we do every day. We heard a great speaker today. He was funnier than shit. I wish I could remember all his jokes but I can only remember this one...."Why do co-dependents have sex with their eyes closed?.....The hate seeing their decisions over and over"--or something like that. I may have even forgotten that one.

Our biggest thrill was going to OZARKLAND based on the recommendation of Caroline. If you haven't been, you should go. Where else can you see the dried corn cob for sale as a toilet paper holder for sale or the twig with a piece of cob attached to it and sold as a hillbilly toothbrush. Caroline promised we could walk in with $100 and walk out with 6oo items...she was right.

Another bright spot was driving home in the convertable on a beautiful day. I have a nice sun burn to prove it...see below.

I did get to see the grandbaby when I got home. Cowboy was happy to have me home. We only talked about 4x a day. He misses me when I'm gone but doesn't like to admit it. He took me out on a big date tonight. We went to the gas station to fill up the propane tank and then off to Long John's Silvers...what a romantic!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"Oh Deer"

So I pulled the car in the garage the other day and this is what I see. Cowboy found a new place to hang his hat. How many people do you know with a deer head in their garage that doubles as a hat rack???

I know I am a lucky woman. Cowboy fixes my lunch for work everyday. I've known other husbands that have done that and I never thought I would be one of those women who don't know what's in the lunch bag because I didn't pack it. He always adds special touches in there for me.

I have to go out of town until Friday and he wanted me to make it home before the rain because he couldn't stand the thought of sending me off to my conference in a dirty car. I made it home in time and he was releived that he didn't have to wash and wax the car for the fifth time in the two weeks that we have owned the car.

He takes such good care of me. I am a lucky woman!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

A long walk

What a beautiful day it turned out to be! I noticed that my butt was a little sore today. Not sure if it was the three mile walk on Saturday, push mowing the yard, or weeding my mom's flower bed. Whatever it was, I was walking a little funny today.

Cowboy finally got the car tagged today. It's officially mine and tomorrow's my first day to drive it officially. However, it's supposed to rain and storm. Can't I get a break? Cowboy will want to take over the Miata if I leave it home with him much longer.

I was planning on taking Sadie for a long walk. I wanted to try out the trail by our house. Cowboy was being a little indecisive about what he was doing. He finally came in the house and wanted to go with us. That is a treat for Sadie and I, since we tend to walk by ourselves a lot. He put on his shorts and cowboy boots for the walk. Just the walking attire that I would have picked... My thought, I'd rather have him go with me in his boots than walk alone. He's a gem!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Work Weekend

I had the kind of weekend that I love. The kind where you have little planned but have a lot to do. Cowboy makes me breakfast every day except for weekends. I got to make him a great breakfast on Saturday and then it was off to the yard. My task was to move the rocks from the front of the house to the back patio. He got out our lawn mower and trailor. He thinks I crazy because I go about .5 mph and act like I'm driving 50 mph. I give him my best Miss America wave and he give me a "you're crazy" sign.

My friend and I took the dogs for a walk and as we were coming home, Cowboy had the mower loaded up and was going over to his sons. He told me this morning that his son called and was a little grumpy. After dumping fertalizer on his lawn and leaving for a weeks vacation, he came home to a full lawn 14" tall. So Cowboy loaded up the mower and went to his rescue. He didn't tell his son he would do that until he was on his way. He then spent the afternoon helping him. I surprised Cowboy by push mowing our back yard. It's very steep and big. That's the last time I'll do that. Cowboy was surprised and thought I really lost my mind.

Today, Cowboy and I went to see my mom. We weeded her flowerbed and Cowboy trimmed the yard. Mom was thrilled. He is so awesome for doing what I want to do for my family.

On a side note, we drove the car to mom's. It's awesome. On the way home, we pulled over and put the top down. Note to self: take along hairbands. My hair was all over the place. Sadie was a good girl today. In the house all day and no evidence of her sleeping on any bed, couch, etc. I'm praying she's finally gotten over sleeping on the furniture and just hasn't gotten crafty at covering her tracks.

Happy Mom's day to one of the best!

Friday, May 9, 2008

He's Crazy

I justed asked Cowboy what I should write about tonight... He said "it's a quarter until 11, and I'm going to bed, so I don't care what you blog about. I recommend you get your ass to bed now because I'm going to roll you out of bed early in the morning". He walked into the bedroom and then came back out and said "unless, I'm tired and sleep in." He's crazy. Then he had to point out the fact that I missed the trash can with a piece of floss. He had to ask if it was me that missed the trash can. (Three times, mostly because I ignore him) "No baby, it was one of the other 25 people that live in the house, that came into our bedroom and threw the floss on the floor." Really, it's just me and him that live here, and if he didn't miss the trash can that just leaves me. Do you really have to ask??

Work was better today. Cowboy is almost done tinkering with the car. He bought a new window motor and then found out it was the switch, which he fixed and so we can return the motor. That'll save us around $230. My Miata is beautiful and I'm excited to drive it somewhere other than around the neighborhood. My neighbors are going to think I'm crazy.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bigger than Me

I said in my intro that there are days my job is bigger than me and today was one of then. Besides the pounding headache that I had all day, there was just one issue after another. From personnel issues, client issues, and even electricity issues. We lost power for 35 minutes around lunch time and had to try to feed 125 clients in the dark. Luckily, it came back on before a riot started. Feed them and calm them down and then lets get back to business.

I work in administration and have to deal with alot of personnel issues. Why is it that people think they don't have to work and I should pay them? Or if they aren't going to work, don't you think they should let someone know they aren't going to be in??? I just don't get it......

Another reason I love my cowboy: We got new tires and he went 60 miles away to get a great deal. He drove back there again today in his truck to pick up the tires that were taken off, so he could put two of them on his daughter's car, so she'll be safe with the new baby. The man has a huge heart...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Trick my Miata

Cowboy was in a much better mood today. It's amazing what a good night sleep will do for you. He also started "tricking" out my Miata. I have new tires and the car drives like a dream. He's getting new front brake pads and will install tomorrow. The window motor comes in on Friday. I have a new steering wheel cover and a roll bar will soon be delivered. I'm going to be the coolest chick on the block driving my Miata. It's good being with a former mechanic.

So Cowboy tells me that on his little trip out of town, he gained a secret admirer. "Lola" owns a farm house and 10 acres and is looking for a good Cowboy to share it with. One of his buddies inquired about his status. He said he was "common law" married and couldn't get out of it. (How romantic?) Then he asked me, "do you think I could have two women, one when I was here and one when I was there?" reply "I guess I could have to men, one when you were here and one when you were there"....He is so silly.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sadie sums up how I feel...tired and looking for forgiveness. It was a long day today. My friend, Dr. T had to have surgery and got home today. Her family had to go to a ballgame so I went to be with her after work. I'm thrilled she asked because like most people I know, she doesn't ask for help often. I value friends like her.
When I got home, I tried to park in our lower drive and attempted to back in. BIG MISTAKE. I'm not very good a taking my time. I drove off the drive in to the new seeded grass and messed that up and then messed up my clean tires that Cowboy spent half the day cleaning for me yesterday. I fessed up immediately when I got into the house. That on top of his bad day did not sit well. He's cranky...can't beleive how I couldn't do that right. Maybe he'll forgive me after another good night of sleep. I think the weekend has caught up with him.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Cinco de Mayo

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Today is my parent's 46th year anniversary. That is a long time. It was good spending the weekend at home but even better being home! Cowboy was happy to be home also. I think even Sadie was glad to be home.

Cowboy spent the day doing yard work. One of the nice surprises about our move was that we have lilac bushes. I had planted some at my old house and they were just getting to the stage of blooming when we moved so it was nice to see a whole row of lilac bushes in our front yard.

The day was too much for him. A weekend of boy time, followed by a day of yard work, and dinner and drinks with his buddy on their way out of town and this is where he is at 7p.

His San Diego buddy, Smokin' Joe and his wife, stopped by to see the house and have dinner with us. I had never meet Joe's wife. She is a doll. They reported that Cowboy only had wonderful things to say about me this weekend and they could tell how smitten he was. Of course, they said this in front of him and he blushed--that's good for him. Maybe he'll wake up before bed time... I doubt it.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Family Time

Today was long but good. Sadie slept with me last night. She always has at my parents house, she gets a little anxious and it calms her down. I like it, however, she literally sleeps smack dab in the middle of the bed. She is currently in time out and having to stay right by me, as I just caught her eating the pineapple upside down cake on the counter...goofy, goofy dog.

Mom and I went shopping with my oldest niece. She graduates from HS in two weeks. We found her an adorable dress, shoes and jewelry for graduation. We then had lunch with her and her boyfriend. It was the first time I met him. Seems like a good guy and is pushing her to go to college...great guy.

My sister and I played golf. I kept telling her I was going to kick her ass...I fell apart on two holes and she got me the first round. We tied the 2nd nine. Next time, no mercy, she's mine.

Talked to Cowboy, today was his golf tournament. He asked "Do you love your house?" I replied, " I love my house, I love my boy, and I can't wait to get home." He responded, "me, too ,but the boy part. I love my house, I love my girl and I love my dog." That's the first time he has said that he loved our house. That is huge. Living in the city is so hard for him. I know all he wants to do is be back in the country, we'll get there someday.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Wild Day

What a wild day. The weather was out of control in the city. Tornado warnings, sirens, thunder, lightening, high winds, etc. Sadie is very afraid of storms so at 2:30a she was huddled next to the bed, in a tight little ball, shaking. I slept with my hand on her until about 4:30a when she insisted it was time to eat. She never did really calm down until I left for work. We woke up with no electricity, I think she knew something was wrong.

My mom called to ask if we were all right. I told her that I didn't know what she was talking about--no light, tv or radio. She clued me into all our bad weather.

My sister called to say she was in town and was going to drive to my parents house with me. That was a nice surprise. We did a little shopping and then headed out of town. Our first hour and 30 minutes were spent sitting on the interstate just trying to get out of town...not a good sign. It took me 3 1/2 hours to get to my parents and it should have taken and hour and 45 minutes.

Sadie was not so good in the house today. On the bed and on the new couch, I can handle the bed but not the couch....bad, bad girl.

Great news, I was able to watch Survivor on the internet---preempted by the storms last night. It was a great show.

A weekend with the parents--should be interesting. I haven't been home for a whole weekend by myself in a long time. I hope they don't get sick of me. They all go to bed when the sun goes down so I have lots of quiet time on the farm. It's is good to be back. It helps center my soul and give me peace. Too much time here can also make me crazy...balance, it's all about balance.

Cowboy called 6x today. I told him his friends were going to start harassing him...he said they already were. Good!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Lil' Miss

Today is my niece's 10th birthday. When we moved into our house, she and her family (my bro, sister-in-law, and Boo) came to help. After a full day of moving (and she was a trooper), they started playing hide and seek. My brother hid in the pile of leaves at the base of the yard. When the kids went to find him, Lil' Miss got her hair caught in the bushes. She is absolutley adorable and such a free independent spirit with a hugh caring heart. Our family always calls the birthday person, I almost forgot to call. I would have been in so much trouble.

Two years ago, I was in Floriday on her birthday. I had to throw another birthday party, buy a present, and make a vow not to miss her birthday for two years. I'm headed home this weekend for the party.

Cowboy has called 4 times today. I think he misses me. He's even blowing kisses over the phone in front of his buddy. He's promised to come home and fix the car so I can get it on the road. We have a date for Sunday night...(big smile)

Best news, we are on day 4 of Sadie not being on the couches or bed. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.