Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A New Garden Spot

When we moved into our house in November, we knew we had lots of yard work to do and Cowboy has been plugging along. Today, I came home and I have the beginnings of a garden. I'm so excited. There are many things we have in common and the love of gardening is one of those things. Hopefully, we'll get to have some tomatoes, peppers, radishes, and who knows what else. This was such a nice surprise. I didn't think we (meaning him) would have time to get this done until later this year. Doesn't he look cute working in is shorts and cowboy boots!

One other cute story about my Cowboy. On Saturday night, I had D (my great nephew) cleaned up and ready for bed. Cowboy came into the house and asked if D had ever went "cruising for chicks". D just looked at him like he was crazy. Cowboy told him to get his shoes on and get ready to go for a ride. Cowboy took him out in the convertible and they went for a ride. Cowboy said anytime someone would pull up next to them, D would sit a little taller in the seat and would say hi to the people next to him. D was so excited when he got back to the house. He came in saying, "We cruised chicks!" Cowboy is teaching him young.


Lynilu said...

I wanna borrow that strong back!!! I could have used him today, for sure!

That is a beautiful garden spot! Boy, does he do nice work! Girl, you definitely have a keeper there!

Caroline said...

The garden looks great.

I love the story of Cowboy and D cruising. I am sure D will remember that day for a long time.

Lynilu is right...you definitely have a keeper with Cowboy.

Anonymous said...

Oh my what a fun guy you have there. Garden looking good too as well as the "gardener" in shorts and cowboy boots.


Monogram Queen said...

Awww that is adorable they "cruised for chicks!" I love it!
He is a keeper, doing the garden thing in the cowboy boots!

Anonymous said...

Cute story, D will remember that and will want to do it the next time he sees Cowboy.
I agree with the others, but I've told you this all along, Cowboy is a keeper.