Sunday, May 25, 2008

Full Day

So much for a quiet weekend and taking it easy. The day started with breakfast for 8, big difference from just the two of us. My niece and nephew, their other halves, and my great niece and nephew stayed all night. Every bed in the house was full and the breakfast table was full. I love entertaining and having my family around, Cowboy on the other hand is not as thrilled. Probably the biggest difference we have. He doesn't like the thought of the house being messed up and things not in their place. Yes, I live with a neat-nick. So after the company left, the house got scrubbed from top to bottom. It did need it but after 8 loads of laundry, tons of sheets and towels, I'm a little tired.

Here is a small part of the housecleaning conversation. "Are you going to use hot water to mop the floor" asked Cowboy. "Yes". "Are you planning on drying it with a towel after you mop it" he asked. My reply, "I'm assuming since you are asking the question, that is what you want me to do". "It won't leave streaks that way", he justifies. NEAT-NICK---who dries their floor after they mop it????
My flower garden didn't get very far. It is still wet. However, Cowboy did get my stone pathway put in and the flower bed lines. The rain yesterday and the humidity today didn't dry it out enough for me to start planting. Speaking of humidity, my goal was to not turn on the AC until July, however, if the humidity keeps this up, I may shoot for June.
We had a small neighborhood supper, very nice. May go over to one of the neighbor's homes for a cold one later. Who knows I may even fall asleep before then.


Caroline said...

Sounds like it has been a busy, but very fun weekend. Sounds like you are a good host.

Cowboy sounds a lot like my Dad. He was such a neat freak. He would get a rake and pull all the crap out from under my bed. At the time I was horrified, but I can laugh at it now.

Love the pictures of the flowers. Hey, I have a KU stepping stone that would look great in your garden.

Lynilu said...

Sometimes it is fun when the plans are changed for you and you get a surprise schedule.

Dry the floor? Of course, I do. I get the blow dryer and go after it.


Ooohhhhh, a KU stone would really look good there, wouldn't it?????


MJ said...

I'll stick with the K-State rock, the color scheme fits better around this homestead.

Monogram Queen said...

Hone if he wanted the floor dried with a towel afterward HE would have done it - that's who! LOL

Neat-Freak is more like it. I have a few of those in my family but thankfully me & Stac are on the same messy page *sigh*