Friday, May 16, 2008

Home at Last

The conference is over and I'm finally home. The resort we stayed in was nice and there were some useful training that I went to but as you can see by my notes, that my ADD kicks in alittle when I have to sit all day and listen to a speaker. I am the "Doodle Queen". It is helpful to get away and gain a different perspective on the work we do every day. We heard a great speaker today. He was funnier than shit. I wish I could remember all his jokes but I can only remember this one...."Why do co-dependents have sex with their eyes closed?.....The hate seeing their decisions over and over"--or something like that. I may have even forgotten that one.

Our biggest thrill was going to OZARKLAND based on the recommendation of Caroline. If you haven't been, you should go. Where else can you see the dried corn cob for sale as a toilet paper holder for sale or the twig with a piece of cob attached to it and sold as a hillbilly toothbrush. Caroline promised we could walk in with $100 and walk out with 6oo items...she was right.

Another bright spot was driving home in the convertable on a beautiful day. I have a nice sun burn to prove it...see below.

I did get to see the grandbaby when I got home. Cowboy was happy to have me home. We only talked about 4x a day. He misses me when I'm gone but doesn't like to admit it. He took me out on a big date tonight. We went to the gas station to fill up the propane tank and then off to Long John's Silvers...what a romantic!


Lynilu said...

Ooouuuuuuu! I can tell he missed you! LOL!

Don't you just love to hold a new baby? They smell so sweet, and are softer than anything. :)

Caroline said...

Wow, you really are the Doodle Queen. That's some really impressive work for just being doodles.

I am beyond thrilled that you loved Ozarkland. You don't find a lot of people that appreciate the fine things at Ozarkland. I could literally spend hours in there looking at all the stuff. And the cool thing....each time you go back there is new things to look at. The fun is neverending.

You have a headstart on working on a tan. Did I ever tell you that I am a competitive person? Yea, plan on me competing with you on a tan this summer.

Monogram Queen said...

Sounds like a good time - rustic but a good time LOL

What a sweet, sweet baby!!!