Wednesday, September 30, 2009

No more being nice

I can't be nice anymore. I really can't. I'm tired. My feet feel like I'm walking with ice pics shoved up my feet. I have walked probably 20 miles in the past two days. I have thrown more stuff in the dumpster that one can imgaine. I have answerd more question than one person should in a year. So I'm tired and I can't be nice anymore.

I have decided that moving really shows a persons true colors. A persons ability to focus on the big picture comes to light or a person's self-centered focus on themselves comes to light. Some people are cooperative and helpful and other are winers and complainers. Some folks can go with the flow and others have a need for instant gratification. So I just can't be nice anymore.

Here's just a glimpse of what I had to deal with:

Where's my desk---a desk was left on a truck by accident so one of the staff members asked every single freakin' person she saw, "Where's my desk". This went on for a good hour. I'll tell you where your freakin' desk is--it going to shoved up your ass if you ask me one more time.

Let me take over the whole space-- another my staff had put all her stuff in the new lobby. When I told her to move it back into her office, her reply was that she didn't have all her stuff. No freakin' shit. But put your boxes and shit back in your office and work around it. At least she got all her stuff in one day. Then today, she moved more of her furniture into the supply room. Get your stuff out. But I don't have room, "I don't care put it in your office." You wanted it, you deal with it. Then, she wanted to put all her stuff in the lobby, because it was her lobby. It's not your freakin' lobby and you are not that important. Keep your shit in your space.

Newspaper guy--why the f*** are you sitting there the entire day reading the newpaper when we have just moved and there is more work around here to do. Get off your ass and work, isn't that what I'm paying your for.

Where's my keys--We have moved into the building about hmmm 3 hours ago and you can't even find your office and you want your keys. Do you not see that there are 25 movers wondering around and furniture flying here and there and you want your keys. Get over it. You'll get your keys when I get your keys and a chance to give them to you.

Oh and I could go on. So I can't be nice anymore.

On a side note, my hubby has been awesome with me working 12 hour days and being dead dog tired and grumpy. Tonight, a great dinner waiting for my arrival home. Maybe I can be nice to him.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

much needed break

It was a much needed break.

Cowboy and I left early on Thursday morning. We had a rough start since we got 1 block from the house and I remembered the dog leash. Back to the house and several comments from Cowboy and we were on our way. Then 3 miles from the house and I remembered my phone. Now came lots of comments from Cowboy, I assured him that we would still get there in plenty of time. He finally chilled and we were off.

First stop, Colbert Hills golf course. It is a tough course. We met Caroline who was keeping Sadie for the weekend. Our first round on the course was tough and long and gruelling. We then went around a second time and we both played better. It was fun and very challenging. But long. I never play 36 holes in one day. The off to Wichita for our next part of the trip. We stopped for gas and lunch/supper at a burger king--real romance.

Friday morning, we were up early for breakfast at IHOP and then off to the golf course. We got to play golf by ourselves which was nice. I played well and Cowboy did even better. It was a good day. Off to PFChangs for dinner and then back to the hotel by 6p. We lounged on the bed until night-night time. Cowboy got out in a thunderstorm for ice cream and milk. It was very relaxing.

Saturday morning, up early again for breakfast and golf. We played with a couple of guys. I played an awesome round of golf. The same can not be said for Cowboy. He was not a happy camper and just made for a miserable round of golf until the last 4 holes.

I did hit a 78 yard pitch shot in the hole for a birdie. It was so exciting.

Saturday night was out with a good friend of mine and her husband. We went out for Italian and then to a club where the boys played pool, Cowboy sang karaoke and Stacey and I drank. We had a blast.

Today was back to reality. We met Caroline for lunch and picked up Sadie. The trip was very relaxing and it was good to spend time with my husband. It just makes me look forward to our honeymoon in Vegas in 99 days.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ready, Set, Golf

Work done as much as I could--check

Bags packed--check

Sexy nighties packed--check, check

Clubs in the car--check

Time to relax and have fun--check

We're leaving out of here at 5:30a--so off to bed soon--check.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


work--blah blah blah-same old story

Cowboy- picking up the slack around the house--love him more so for doing that

One more day of work this week and then lots of golf and lots of time away.

Stress--too much for the normal person

I think I need a change in my life..........hmmmm

Monday, September 21, 2009

Countdown is on

The countdown is on. Two days of work and then three days of golf, away from home, with just my Cowboy. Two tee times on Thursday, comfy hotel, golf on Friday, dinner out, golf on Saturday and then a out with friends on Saturday night. I asked Cowboy to make sure that I didn't partake in too many spirits on Saturday night. To which he replied, "We aren't golfing on Sunday." I just don't like hangovers.

Sadie is going to be spoiled while we are gone. She's going on her own vacation.

I'm so excited. Can't wait. Can I leave tomorrow?

Two days of work left...big bummer!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


I know that I have burning the candle at both ends. I know that I am at an all time stress out level. I know that I can't continue at this pace for much longer.

I am so tired. I am tired of being stressed and having my jaw hurt and shoulders tense.

I sat down tonight and just don't feel well. I keep saying, it's going to get better soon, but when. I'm starting not to believe me.

I need a big break. I know we are going away for a long weekend but will that be enough?

Friday, September 18, 2009

Gushing Again

Let me just gush a little more about my husband. I made him go to work with me today to help me pack and move. He was a huge help to me and was a real trooper all day long. After we got home, we went shopping and he bought me a new bracelet and three charms for my birthday.

Here is my new Pandora bracelet. I am so excited. Cowboy is a keeper. I am a lucky woman.

Here a little story behind my bracelet. A couple of years ago I bought my best friend her bracelet and have added charms. For my wedding, as a gift to my best friend, maid-of-honor, and my friend, Dr. T. I bought them both the treasure chest and round pink bead. I wanted to have the same charms as them so, there are the first two beads. The lady at the store suggested to Cowboy the third charm, the forever charm.

Love it!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just tired

We've been getting up at 5:30p every morning and I been working from 8:30a to 7p and am on the go all day long. I'm just tired. I got home early tonight but only because Cowboy was playing golf and I had to take care of Sadie. I'll work late tomorrow night and have a long day ahead of me on Friday.

We are moving our offices because our landlord is a slum lord. Here a perfect example of how things go around our office building. He had his workers, most not legal and most not skilled, working on the roof of the three story building. They let a pipe roll off the building on to the top of an employees car--smashing in her windshield and then bouncing off another car doing damage to it. (By the way, this has happened before.) We can not get out of the building fast enough. 1 week to a new office.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Mrs. President

You can now call me Madam President. I was officially elected President of our Home Owners Association. Let the fun begin. It's an neighborhood with the old timers--some being the first owner of the home they are living in and then the newbies like me.

Cowboy asked what his title would be... The First Man.

Let the fun begin.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Trading Custody

Me to Cowboy: " I have an idea. One week, you let Sadie out to pee at night and give her her bedtime snack and I'll get up with her at 5:30a to feed her and then the next week we will trade custody duties."

Cowboy to Me: "How about if we do that, you clean up the poop out of the yard everyday."

Me to Cowboy: "I'll keeping doing what I do."

Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering 9/11

I remember 9/11. But as the years go by, I remember 9/11 a little less. I don't forget what happened but I don't remember how it felt. I don't remember that awe and horror I felt as I just sat there and watched the events ...until now. I'm watching it on the History channel and am just as riveted as I was then. My heart feels heavy as it did them. The feelings of sadness and disbelief come rushing back. As I watching and seeing people jump out of the building, I just can't imagine how it must have felt for those who were in the building, who had just exited the building, who were trying to fight the fire, who were answering the phones and those who knew they were going to died.

It was a very sad day in American history. I hope and pray that we will never experience that again. I hope and pray that everyone who died that day are in Heaven. I hope and pray that all those who lost loved ones that day have been able to heal.

I'm thankful for those who protect our country. I'm thankful that I live in America.

I remember.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Today was a little bit better, not much but a little bit.

It's official, we had to move back our move date. It was scheduled for Sept 17th and 18th and then I was going to take the 24th and 25th off work--a much needed break. But the move will now be the 24th and the 28th. Dammit, I'm still going on my mini vacation.

Carolina--Sadie is all yours that weekend. She is looking forward to her mini vacation.

Work cannot control my life. Work cannot control my life. Dammit, work cannot control my life.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bad Day

It was a bad, long day. I'm glad it's almost over.

We went to the farm for the weekend to see the family. Got to spend some good quality time with mom and dad. That did well for relaxing and getting rid of some stress. That lead to today.

Here it is:

No food for lunch.

Went to wrong location for work today (I know, I know)

Forgot my phone (ie. brain)

Forgot to lead a group for the clients--so I was 15 minutes late.

Only had oatmeal for lunch because that was all that was in the desk drawer.

About had a panic attack when I thought a proposal was due today. (it's due next monday)

Found out our office move had to be postponed and I rescheduled it during my vacation--not smart.

Have an employee who doesn't want to do a new part of his job so he's being very passive aggressive.

Had to work late.

Came home and spent 3 hours in the kitchen, cooking, making salsa and freezing tomatoes.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

In the midst of Chaos

In the midst of all the chaos with work and all the stress that I feel like I am under, I have decided to plan a get-away for my Cowboy and me. I'm getting pretty excited about it. We are going to Manhattan on Thursday to play golf--a really nice course that I found a coupon for $55 for all you can play on that day. Then it's off to Wichita to stay there and hopefully go out with some friends. We will then play golf at a local course for the next two days. So excited about this. Then it's off to a small town bed and breakfast for dinner and a nights stay there. The best part, it's my birthday weekend and I'm going to be getting away!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


My new stress reliever...sing. Sing loud. Sing strong. I'm just going to sing. I've cranked my radio up loud and whether I know the words or not, I'm going to sing.