Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just tired

We've been getting up at 5:30p every morning and I been working from 8:30a to 7p and am on the go all day long. I'm just tired. I got home early tonight but only because Cowboy was playing golf and I had to take care of Sadie. I'll work late tomorrow night and have a long day ahead of me on Friday.

We are moving our offices because our landlord is a slum lord. Here a perfect example of how things go around our office building. He had his workers, most not legal and most not skilled, working on the roof of the three story building. They let a pipe roll off the building on to the top of an employees car--smashing in her windshield and then bouncing off another car doing damage to it. (By the way, this has happened before.) We can not get out of the building fast enough. 1 week to a new office.


Caroline said...

So glad you guys will finally be getting out of that building. I can't tell you that I am surprised about the pipe falling down and hitting someone's car. Glad no one was hurt. I hope he is paying for all the damage.

Monogram Queen said...

Good lord! That rolling pipe could have killed someone! Glad you are getting out of there!