Sunday, September 27, 2009

much needed break

It was a much needed break.

Cowboy and I left early on Thursday morning. We had a rough start since we got 1 block from the house and I remembered the dog leash. Back to the house and several comments from Cowboy and we were on our way. Then 3 miles from the house and I remembered my phone. Now came lots of comments from Cowboy, I assured him that we would still get there in plenty of time. He finally chilled and we were off.

First stop, Colbert Hills golf course. It is a tough course. We met Caroline who was keeping Sadie for the weekend. Our first round on the course was tough and long and gruelling. We then went around a second time and we both played better. It was fun and very challenging. But long. I never play 36 holes in one day. The off to Wichita for our next part of the trip. We stopped for gas and lunch/supper at a burger king--real romance.

Friday morning, we were up early for breakfast at IHOP and then off to the golf course. We got to play golf by ourselves which was nice. I played well and Cowboy did even better. It was a good day. Off to PFChangs for dinner and then back to the hotel by 6p. We lounged on the bed until night-night time. Cowboy got out in a thunderstorm for ice cream and milk. It was very relaxing.

Saturday morning, up early again for breakfast and golf. We played with a couple of guys. I played an awesome round of golf. The same can not be said for Cowboy. He was not a happy camper and just made for a miserable round of golf until the last 4 holes.

I did hit a 78 yard pitch shot in the hole for a birdie. It was so exciting.

Saturday night was out with a good friend of mine and her husband. We went out for Italian and then to a club where the boys played pool, Cowboy sang karaoke and Stacey and I drank. We had a blast.

Today was back to reality. We met Caroline for lunch and picked up Sadie. The trip was very relaxing and it was good to spend time with my husband. It just makes me look forward to our honeymoon in Vegas in 99 days.


Lynilu said...

Sounds like your kind of weekend, for sure! Glad you had so much fun. A relaxing getaway is always a treasure, isn't it?

BTW, we did the same kind of thing once when leaving for a vacation. We circled back to the house I think 4 times, and a neighbor came out and asked if we were spending the entire vacation going around the block!

Caroline said...

Glad you guys had a good weekend and the weather was perfect for all the golf you guys played.

Thanks again for letting me keep Sadie. We all miss her....well, all of us except Ben. :)

Happy Birthday!

Monogram Queen said...

So glad you relaxed - you sure needed it! I'm not going to rag you about golf again LOL