Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Anniversary Cowboy!

WooHoo, we made it! One year. One of the best years of my life. One year of saying husband and hearing wife. I am so proud of being married to my Cowboy. At times, my heart feels so full that it's going to burst. One year of being a team that is always there for each other.

We made dinner plans with Cowboy's son and his wife. I bought Cowboy a new wedding ring for our first anniversary. He didn't was a wedding ring when we got married so we bought him cheap $15 ring from Wal-Mart for pictures. He started wearing the ring about 2 months later. I couldn't handle him wearing a $15 ring so that was his present.

I also got Cowboy a replica of his groom's cake. He didn't get any on our wedding night and was very surpised when I brought it home. He loved it.

Today, we went to play golf. I played horrible. He surprised me with dinner out at Olive Garden. A good weekend for us.
Our baby girl taking a nap and wondering what we are up to.

Cowboy's new wedding ring. He loves it and says it's much more comfortable that the cheap one.

Cowboy's son and his wife on our dinner night out.

The replica of Cowboy's grooms cake. He was so surprised and loved that I thought about it.

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Daughter

So the daughter turned 27 this week. She got to celebrate her birthday in JAIL. Just where every 27 year old should spend their birthday. She has been using pills and hanging out with the wrong people. It's no wonder that that is where she should spend her birthday there.

So the story that we have gotten so far is that she got stopped for speeding. When she got stopped, they found out she had a suspended license. She was given a court date and on the day of her court hearing, she was to tired to go. (Apparently, she didn't take care of everything that she needed to from her last go around with losing her license.) The weekend after the missed court hearing, her drug dealer came around and hung out the whole weekend and when he wouldn't leave, she called the cops to have him thrown out. The cops showed up and she had a warrant, so she was hauled off and the pusher was told to go home.

Will she ever learn? Apparently not. Today Cowboy got a call from the police department from a town that he took the daughter to yesterday. They were investigating a theft from a store in that town and wanted to talk to her. My gut tells me that she forged her prescription for pills and will soon get busted for that.

I feel so sorry for Cowboy. I can't imagine what I would do if she were my biological daughter. I believe she is very active in her addiction to prescription pills. She needs treatment an those in her life to stop enabling her. I'm not sure when that will happen. It is so sad.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Crazy Day Yesterday

Yesterday turned into a crazy day for us.

My sister-in-law's father passed away on Saturday morning. He never regained consciousness after his heart attack and he had no brain activity. He died with his entire family at his bedside. Yesterday was the funeral. Our family has become very close with the SIL's family over the years, so it was an easy decision to take off work and go home for the funeral.

Cowboy had made arrangements to stop in a small town about 45 minutes away to look at some comes and gun scopes. We were planning on getting up at 5:30a to go to the gym, however, we didn't quite make that alarm. We slept in and snuggled until around 7:45a when we needed to leave by 8:30a. So we got up and rushed around to leave on time.

On our way, we stopped at QT for donuts. I sent Cowboy in while I waited. Then we drove 30 minutes to this guys house to look at the gun stuff. Again, I wait in the car. Cowboy comes out in about 15 minutes and can't find his money clip. (money, credit cards, etc.) He searches the car, his pockets, my purse, the car, his pockets, the back seat, no money clip. He is super pissed and is cussing, slamming the doors, etc. He was not fun to be around. So we head back to the QT. 30 minutes of him fuming and driving like a crazy man.

We get back to the QT, no money clip. Searches the road, the store, the parking lot, the trash cans in the parking lot, my purse, the car, the back seat. Crazy man on a mission. I should say, angry crazy man on a mission. After 30 minutes, we head out on the road again. I start calling the bank to cancel credit cards and got two cancelled before I lost phone service.

As I'm on the bank with to cancel another card, he get a call. The money clip is found. Apparently, he had taken the money clip out of his pocket in this guys house, went back into the bedroom and set it on the bed. When the lady went in to make the bed, she found it. But she didn't have his phone number so it took her 30 minutes to track down his number.

I was so glad he got it back. It took him another 2 hours to calm down.

We were late getting to my parents house and didn't get to visit with them at all but did take my mom and niece to the funeral. The funeral was very nice. Merl was buried on the family farm. We stayed for food with the family. It was so good to be able to be there with my SIL's family and support them.

The day was full of intense emotions...I was tired when we got home.

Monday, March 22, 2010

His Dad

Cowboy and I went to the gym this morning and on the way home he told me this story:

Cowboy's words:

"When I was newly divorced, I was living in my mom and dad's basement. My life was pretty upside down and I wasn't happy about much in my life. However, I kept going to work every morning at 5:30a. I remember getting up and being real quiet so I wouldn't wake Mom and Dad up, and I would sneak up the basement steps. My dad would be sitting in the dark at the kitchen table and he would say, "You better eat something, son." He would have a bacon and egg sandwich on the table waiting for me. He would get up and cook for me and he didn't have to do that."

What a wonderful memory about a Dad. I really wish I would have met him.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Someone got a new hot tub.

Someone got a new hot tub.

My Cowboy found a hot tub for two on Craig's List and we went to look at it yesterday. Cowboy made a great deal with the seller and it was ours. Cowboy gathered up his buddies and brought it home today. I'm so excited. I can't wait to get it up and running. If we had it going, I would be in it tonight for sure. I guess I'll have to settle for my jacuzzi tub.

Cowboy and I were able to play golf today. Since I didn't get to go skiing, I took today off and hit the links with my hubby. Oh yeah, I also changed my name officially with social security. Whew, just in time for our one year anniversary.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Moonshine and my dad

My Cowboy seems to get stories out of my dad that I have never heard before in my entire life. Here's the latest one that Cowboy passed on to me as told by my dad:

My grandpa was out in the corn field and was shucking the corn off the stocks. The stocks were set up in shocks. As he was going through the shocks, he found a couple of bottles of moonshine. He started looking around and found several other bottles of moonshine. So he loaded them up in his truck and drove them straight to the sheriffs office. If he had gotten stopped for anything, he could have been thrown in the pokie himself.

Then my dad goes on to Cowboy that he drank a little moonshine himself one time. Apparently on his bowling night, someone brought in a little moonshine and they were taking turns taking swigs out of the glass jar as they were bowling. My dad gets up to bowl and throws a 7-10 split. He turns to the table and takes a drink of that moonshine. He takes a swig and picks up the split, turn around and say, "That's how you do it, take a swig of moonshine and pick up the split."

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Catch Up

I can't believe that I haven't posted for a week. I worked very hard all week getting things at work done to go on a ski trip this weekend.

Work this past week was crazy. I've hired a new team leader to start supervising the counselors on my unit and it has turned into a disaster. She hasn't listened to anything that I have said to her and the counselors hate her. On Thursday, she quit and left me a voice messages saying she was packing her things at leaving at 9a. Then at 3:30p, she called and said she was staying and was going to try it and start over. WTF? I met with her on Friday and told her that I couldn't deal with the drama. We'll see how long she last....

Then on Friday, my sister-in-law's father had a major heart attack. He had to be life flighted and has not regained consciousness. He's still in the hospital and needs lots of prayers. It was not a hard decision to cancel our ski trip but disappointing. It reminded me of our wedding last year when we had a blizzard that kept family and friends away (easy to understand but disappointing).

Yesterday, we helped my friend moved and today, we went to the farm. Work should be interesting, maybe I'll be able to get some things done since I wasn't scheduled to be there.

Tomorrow, the moonshine story from my dad.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Quick Post

*Got back from Arizona and was so glad to be home, although I'm leaving again on Friday.

*Friday was a busy day at work, payback for being gone.

*Saturday was a lazy day. I did have a date with my husband and went to see Avatar. Loved it. Good dinner out afterwards.

*Sunday I didn't like my husband (he said some stupid hurtful things) so I escaped to church to pray for his soul, and treated me and a girlfriend to a pedicure. I also took my dog for a run/walk.

*Monday was another long day at work. We had to fire another employee. I'm sure that is some kind of record, 3 in a week. Totally sucks! And my new team leader is hated by her staff.

I may leave on Friday and never come back. We really need to win the lottery!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

One Day Left

I have one day left of my conference and I will be so glad to get home. I want to sleep in my own bed, snuggled up with my Cowboy, with my baby girl, Sadie curled up in her bed. I ready to shower in my own shower and drive my own car.

Don't get me wrong, I love to travel but I don't love to travel for conferences....

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Food, Food and more Food

It seems like all I've one on my little trip is eat. Really just eat and sit in a room all day long. We have hit a couple of great restaurants.

Last night was Z Tejas, we had pork and shrimp filled dumplings, followed by grilled chicken stuffed with crab and smothered with some kind of cheese that I hadn't heard about. Served with grilled asparagus and mashed potatoes. Oh, so yummy.

For lunch today, we went to Cafe Boa. Very cool atmosphere and we got to sit outside. Drawback to that was my chair was wet, so for about an hour my but was wet. On the menu, pepper turkey panini with organic field greens served with pair and blue cheese. Again, so yummy.

Then tonight, my conference mate made me go to a restaurant that was a good mile from our hotel. We caught a ride there but had to walk back. We went to Oregano's. I had the Big 'O Ravioli. One huge ravioli that was filled with two different cheeses covered with a meat sauce and baked with three cheese on top. I had them instantly bring a to-go box and cut it in half. Otherwise, I would still be there eating it. It was beyond yummy.

We are going to get up in the morning and go for a 45 minute walk, or in my case a roll around town.

Monday, March 1, 2010


I left yesterday for Arizona for a conference. Leading up to my catching the plane, Cowboy was all sappy talking about how I was leaving him and how going to be gone for days without him. I will have to admit that I miss. I miss sleeping with him. I know that it's good to spend time apart and I have to go for work, but I do miss him.

Cowboy is funny because he will say that he is "so busy" that he doesn't have time to miss me but after about two days, he will start whining about me being gone and wanting me to come home.

That man makes me laugh. He will call me several times a day to check in and see what I'm doing. You would think that we were about 15 years old and had to talk to each other all the time. Funny, funny man.