Sunday, January 31, 2010

Photo Op

So Grumpy did go away and I got my husband back for the weekend. We've had a good weekend and I really enjoyed being around him again.

We decided to go out on a date this afternoon for a late lunch/early dinner. We headed out to our favorite steak place, Texas Roadhouse.

Cowboy started off my telling the waitress that the last time he was in there, he ate free. He just informed her that he ate the peanute, 17 bread rolls and the waitress wasn't worth a tip, so he left with a free meal. Our waitress just looked him in the eye and said, "That won't happen, I've got your order, you'll get good service and I'll get a good tip." Finally, one that gives back what he dishes out.

When the waitress came back, she said, "I bet you get into trouble now and again". He then started to tell her about our favorite waitress that worked there. The waitress informed us that Chloe went off to Oklahoma with a boy. I told the waitress how Cowboy wanted to adopt Chloe. Cowboy then commented, "I wanted to take Chloe home but by wife didn't think I was thinking of her to daughterly." The waitress just laughed and shook her head.

The waitress told us that she had three job and one of her other jobs was in photography. Cowboy said, "My wife and I are thinking about having some pictures taken." (with an wicked grin). She rolled her eyes and said, "I'll see how good my tip is before I set an appointment." He just laughed.

It good to see that Cowboy can get back just as good as he gives out. Fun night with my hubby.

Friday, January 29, 2010


So the money issue has caused someone to be very grumpy. I don't like Grumpy. Grumpy is not fun in my home. Grumpy doesn't talk and sulks around like he is a victim to his fate. Grumpy needs to go far far away.

I want my husband back. I want to like my husband again. I want to be huggy and kissy with my honey. I want to have crazy passionate sex with him soon.

So please have Grumpy go away.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


They say money is one of the biggest arguing points in a marriage. Boy, do I agree with that statement. It is the area that I have to gauge my words with the most and be the most thoughtful about. It is my biggest fear (I will lose my job and all that I have worked hard for). I have to take a deep breath. Please give me the strength to deal with money issues with my husband.

I think I may have to pray on this extra hard.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Family Frustration

More drama from the daughter. I'm just glad it doesn't involve me and Cowboy, at least directly. She is living with her mother and we just found out that she stole from and pawned off expensive items of her mothers and wrote a hot check. Tomorrow will either be jail or something.

She called last week to ask Cowboy if she could move in. He said no. Thank goodness he is sticking to his guns on that one.

He is realizing that she is probably using pills and stealing to support her habit. I think his realization of the truth will be the most helpful thing for her.

Monday, January 25, 2010


After watching the Bachelor and talking with my newly dating friend, I'm glad I'm not in the dating world. I loved meeting new men but hated all the BS that came after.

I so glad I met my Cowboy (even though it took 16 years to finally catch him)!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

If you don't mean it don't say it.

Cowboy has a friend that might be getting a divorce. The couple have been married for 12 years with two boys. From the outside, everything looks good. Nice house, good business, well-mannered boys, etc. But on the inside, not so good. Apparently she bitches at him all the time and is always on his case about something. She threatens divorce all the time. This last time, he said okay, went out and got an apartment and planned to move out. She started back tracking and said she didn't really mean it. They are working on the marriage. I hope they can get it all worked out.

Which brings me to us. Thursday night we were watching the news and Cowboy commented that the weather might be nice enough to play golf. To which I reply, "you don't have any money to play golf with". Cowboy started a tirade that ended with "and if you don't like it I can pack my bags and leave". This pissed me off and told him so. I don't remember what was said next--something like you are a "f***ing a**" and a few other choice words. Very unusual in our house. I was pissed.

I went to bed. Got up at 6am and went to work by 7a. He called at noon to see how my day was going. (A call from a guilty man.) When I got home his mom was here, so we couldn't talk. I was still so pissed. At one point, when mom was out of the room, he pulled me aside and told me not to let on that we were fighting or there would be two families with someone leaving. (The couple above are in mom's family). I told him that was exactly what was pissing me off.

Later when we were in bed, he was talking about his friend and how divorce was always in the air. I turned to him and clearly told him to never say that he was leaving again if he didn't mean it. It finally sunk in. He got it. He agreed that he was wrong and will not do that again. Good lesson for him to learn.

I hate to be mad at him. But sometimes it takes a lot for him to get what he says. After that, we had a good weekend.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's a Start

I left work today at 5:05. That is the best that I have done in three months. I just shut down my computer and left. I remember what that feels like and I liked it. I might even try it again tomorrow.

Balance. I'm working on balance.

I took Sadie for a walk. Worked out on the Wii.

Balance. I like balance.

Cowboy will like me being in balance.

I'm going to keep striving for balance.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Cowboy has been so awesome lately. I have to give him so many kudos. My work has been so consuming of my time both there and at home, he has totally stepped up to the challenge. He takes such good care of me. I am so thankful that I am his wife. There are times that I can't believe how lucky I am to have him in my life. I knew when I met him, he was special. I know that it might sound weird but I am so thankful that it took us a long time to get together. I don't think we would have been as good for each other before now. I'm a very fortunate lucky woman.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wii workout

For Christmas, my mom gave me money to by my Christmas present. I bought the new EA Active workout for the Wii. I have done about 6 workouts so far and can I tell you that I love it and it totally kicks my butt. I sweat and feel the burn. It is a change from the same workout that I have been doing for years at the gym. I'm so happy with it and I don't mind doing it at all, that's the best part. I'm motivated to come home and change my clothes and work hard at it. It gives you a targeted calories burn and I love it when it shows me that I have beat that at the end of my workout.

Cowboy is being very supportive of me working out with the Wii. I explained to him that I'm loving the variety and I can tell my jiggly parts are getting firm. After grabbing my butt, he agreed.

I've also been thinking about trying some alternative methods to reduce stress to help my body functions better. I'm thinking about acupuncture or massage therapy. I just think that stress that I am under at work has caused my body not to work correctly. We'll see what direction I go.

Monday, January 18, 2010

it all a little foggy

It has been extremely foggy the past 4 day. I know what it feel like to be a pea in soup by now. It just needs to clear up and let the sun shine through. I need a healthy dose of sun.

Work was a total bummer today. I'm not happy about the direction our CEO is headed. I would like to think about looking for another job but I'm not sure I want to lose my seniority and salary.

Cowboy talks about a place in the country with no neighbors and lots of open space. Sounds like a brilliant idea. I need to find a long lost rich relative that wants to donate to a good cause.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I love to nap. I love the feeling of just laying down on in the afternoon and casually drifting off to sleep. I used to be a regular napper but I'm not so much now. However, yesterday a nap was about the only thing that I did get done.

I didn't do anything else. Nothing. Na-da. Zip. Zilch. Part of it felt good to do nothing but the other part just left me bored and feeling yuck.

But let me tell you about my nap. It was wonderful. I fell off into la-la land. It was a deep relaxing peaceful nap. So much so that when I came back to semi-consciousness, my body felt heavy and unable to move. So I just turned over and went back to sleep. I was totally rested and stress free when I woke up. I wonder if there is a way to fit that into my afternoon, everyday.

On a side note, Cowboy is sick. He has a cold. He is a total pain in the ass. Whine. Sniffle. Cough. Hack. Whine some more. Please dear Lord, help him get well.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Where Have I been?

Oh my, today is Friday and I haven't been to my blog all week. Not really sure what I have been up to but I haven't been here. A couple of days, I didn't even get on my computer.

One of the things that I am trying to do this year is to be more present at home when I am here and not buried in the computer. Cowboy has complained about the amount of time that I am on the computer or watching TV. So I have been coming home and working out with the Wii. I have been cooking with Cowboy and trying to have significant conversation with him on a nightly basis.

I'm not sure if it's helping me but I've got to try to do things differently. I was also able to leave work close to quitting time a couple of days this week. I am going to find balance. I am going to be better. I can do it, really I can. (I think I have to cheer for myself, otherwise, I'm not sure I can do it.)

Monday, January 11, 2010

2 unrelated topics

First Topic--Sleep

I read my work emails yesterday afternoon. There were only 167 of them. Nothing big and no major problems with the exception of staffing issues. The problems is that it started my mind thinking about work and it wouldn't stop so needless to say, I didn't sleep well. I watched the clock roll round. When it was time to get up, I was sound asleep. Go figure.

Second Topic-Shitty Day

Okay, this is really about poop. So if you don't want to know about poop, stop here and don't read any further.

On the second day we were in Vegas, the third morning both Cowboy and I had an issue. Keep in mind we were traveling and were not regular as our routines were way off. Cowboy is a very regular pooper and me, not so much. So on the third morning, we slept in late and got up to eat breakfast. We went to an all you can eat buffet and ate well and drank lots. We then decided to shopping. While we were walking around, we both got the feeling. It was time.

So we had about a block to walk back to the hotel. As Cowboy puts it, "the turtle was starting to poke out." He said I was doing the "pinch it off walk", and I was. Oh my, did I have to go.

In the elevator, Cowboy announced that he was the first to get the toilet, so being the good wife, I let him have it. Let the comedy begin. Cowboy was in the bathroom, "blowing beads". I was laying on the bed, pleading with him to be done as my issue was becoming more and more urgent. I pleading outside the bathroom and he is in the bathroom, trying to clean up a small mess that he made. He let me in the bathroom. Oh my, something crawled out of his ass and died right there and then. I did my thing. All came out well and without much effort.

I then let him back in the bathroom to finish his duty. Then I went back in for a final time. Being the nice husband he is, he sprayed some of his cologne so at least the bathroom smell manly.

We laughed and laughed at our shitty start to the day and even laugh a little last night in the middle of our sleepless night. I guess a family that poops together stays together. Right???

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I want to make a very public acknowledgement. (Well, maybe not so public.) I have been a total bum while I've been on vacation. We have been sleeping in much later than we usually do-9, 9:30 and even 10a. I have been hanging out on the couch much of my time. Napping at will. Some days I didn't leave the couch. A couple of days, I didn't even take a shower. I have been a total bum. I have loved every moment of it. My stress level is way down.

Cowboy is starting to think that I may stay this way forever. Truth be told, I had just the right amount of time being off. I'm ready to go back to work but with limits and boundaries. Work will not be my life in 2010.

Before the end of the week, I am going to have my new balanced life planned out. I eally am, that is if I can leave work on time.....hahaha

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Our Honeymoon

We left on Monday for our honeymoon. Our wonderful neighbor called and offered to drive us to the airport. We jumped on that offer. We got to the airport early and hung out until our plane took off. No thoughts of work, no thoughts of anything but having fun with my hubby.

We arrived around 1:30p in Vegas. We got checked into our hotel and headed out to check out the place. We were starving and found a pizza place for dinner. The first thing that we realize is the food prices are outrageous. Two pieces of pizza and a salad were $25. Really, ouch that cuts into the gambling money. Then off to gamble for a little while. I love blackjack and the Cowboy plays only the slots. The first night was a success for me--I won $225 on blackjack, $125 on a slot machine and then another $100 on the same slot machine. We should have stopped and went home then.

We walked away and then went to a little Irish pub in the hotel for fish and chips and a couple of beers. We had a friendly chat with the bartender and then back out to gamble. We turned in pretty early (well, maybe midnight).

The next morning we hit the all you can eat pancake breakfast at the hotel. Cowboy had to go for the second plate and left stuffed.
The it was off for a day of site seeing. We walked down the strip to Mandalay Bay to see the Sharks. It was a really cool exhibit with all kinds of see things. Below is a picture of jellyfish.

The Shark exhibit had a guided tour. Below is Cowboy looking at the Kamodo dragon.

He couldn't resist this shot. However, right before he posed there was a mom of a 11 year old boy that took a picture of the boy with his had right on the boob. The boy had the biggest smile on his face ever.

We did a lot of walking and checking out Vegas. It had been 14 years since I've been there and Cowboy had never been there so there was a lot to see and do. We spent most of the day just checking out the strip and dropping a few coins in a few slot machines. We ended up back at our hotel for a little rest, Cowboy stayed down in the casino while I took a small nap. We then went out for dinner at Dick's Last Resort, where Cowboy got made fun of for being a Cowboy and I was teased about wearing a coat without sleeves (vest). It was fun and the food was good.
Then it was back to the casino where in a couple of hours I lost my money and went to bed. Cowboy was up and wanted to play a little longer. I kept calling my Cowboy to come to bed but he stayed down in the casino until 4:30a. I didn't sleep well until my Cowboy joined me. We slept in until 10:30a.
Wednesday was a late breakfast and then a little shopping. We gambled a little at our hotel and then went to the Bellagio. We had tickets to "O". We got to watch the water show in front of the hotel, which is amazing. (Ocean's Eleven doesn't do it justice). We grabbed a quick sandwich at the hotel, which was amazing. Then off to see the show.
We grabbed a sandwich at the hotel, an expensive sandwich I might add but it was awesome. Cowboy was complaining about the price of the ticket but after the show he commented that it was money well spent. The show was probably the best that I have ever been to and I would probably see it again if I ever had the opportunity. Our seats were four rows back on the side of the stage. It was pretty amazing.

Here we are before the show.
Then it was back to our hotel bar for free beers. We met the cutest couple from England. They were celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary. I hope we make it to 35 years. A little more time to gamble in which I went to bed early and Cowboy stayed down in the casino. He was back a little earlier that night, 2:30p.
Our last day was spent sleeping in, eating a late breakfast and then a little time in front of the slots. It was the only day besides the first that I broke even. I was winning on the penny machines.
Our flight was cancelled on the way home, so we had to wait for the next flight which made us late getting home. But all was good.
We had a great time. We laughed and had so much fun together. It was nice getting away and just spending time together We totally acted like honeymooners, complete with what we dubbed Vegas sex. (I finally broke out all my sexy nighties.)
Although Vegas was fun, we both decided that we would probably not return. It wasn't really our kind of vacation but it was definitely fun.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year

Wow, it 2010. Where have I been for the past three days, oh yeah, on the couch and just lounging. Cowboy and I have been sleeping in and just hanging out for the past couple of days.

New Year's Eve, I went out to with my friend, Dr. T. I tried to talk Cowboy into going but he opted to stay home. We then came back to my house and watched a movie. 2010 came in quietly.

New Year's Day, Cowboy and I headed out to my brothers house, 2 1/2 hours away to have a little birthday party for my mom. It was a long way to drive for a 3 hour party but my mom's health is not the best and I would never forgive myself if I didn't do what I could when I could.

Yesterday and today have been lazy days. Cowboy and I have been sleeping in, having late breakfast, and just hanging out. I have been a bum.

I got a new Wii game. I got the EA Active. I completed two of the work outs and have to tell you that I am a little sore. I'm going to plan on doing it everyday as a part of my new "Balance" plan.

I know I'm rambling. I'm so excited, we are going on our honeymoon tomorrow.