Sunday, January 24, 2010

If you don't mean it don't say it.

Cowboy has a friend that might be getting a divorce. The couple have been married for 12 years with two boys. From the outside, everything looks good. Nice house, good business, well-mannered boys, etc. But on the inside, not so good. Apparently she bitches at him all the time and is always on his case about something. She threatens divorce all the time. This last time, he said okay, went out and got an apartment and planned to move out. She started back tracking and said she didn't really mean it. They are working on the marriage. I hope they can get it all worked out.

Which brings me to us. Thursday night we were watching the news and Cowboy commented that the weather might be nice enough to play golf. To which I reply, "you don't have any money to play golf with". Cowboy started a tirade that ended with "and if you don't like it I can pack my bags and leave". This pissed me off and told him so. I don't remember what was said next--something like you are a "f***ing a**" and a few other choice words. Very unusual in our house. I was pissed.

I went to bed. Got up at 6am and went to work by 7a. He called at noon to see how my day was going. (A call from a guilty man.) When I got home his mom was here, so we couldn't talk. I was still so pissed. At one point, when mom was out of the room, he pulled me aside and told me not to let on that we were fighting or there would be two families with someone leaving. (The couple above are in mom's family). I told him that was exactly what was pissing me off.

Later when we were in bed, he was talking about his friend and how divorce was always in the air. I turned to him and clearly told him to never say that he was leaving again if he didn't mean it. It finally sunk in. He got it. He agreed that he was wrong and will not do that again. Good lesson for him to learn.

I hate to be mad at him. But sometimes it takes a lot for him to get what he says. After that, we had a good weekend.

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Lynilu said...

Words fall so easily in anger, and come so slowly in love. Wouldn't it be nice if that were reversed?