Thursday, April 30, 2009

Home Early

What a pleasant surprise, I got home from work early today. My meeting got out early and instead of going back to the office, I just came home. Gosh, I wish that was an every day occurance. I got a lot done before 6p. I.....

Oh my gosh, I somehow just delete all that I wrote. I'm pissed.

So here's the sum of it.

Went to gym, new equipment, great workout.

Cowboy is having a good time, called 3 times so far today, he played golf and is hanging out with lots of buddies.

Did lots of chores and fixed strawberry shortcake for dessert.

Girls night tomorrow. Leaving for the farm on Sat morning.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Guilty Pleasures

Cowboy left today for 5 days. He's going on his annual boys golf outing. He gets to spend 5 days with the boys, golfing, drinking beer, smoking cigarettes and laughing, farting and who knows what else. More power to him.

What am I doing? All my guilty pleasures. I made a huge bowl of mac and cheese, yummy. I then planted my butt squarely on the couch watching all the saved up reality shows on my DVD. I rock. The only thing better would be if I had a warm brownie and cold milk.

So don't read any further if you don't want to much info.

We were laying in bed and I called Cowboy my husband. He replied, "You can't call me husband after what we just did. That wasn't husband/wife sex, that was boyfriend/girlfriend sex."

So I'm going to miss my boyfriend for the next few days.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

1 Month

Today is our one month anniversary. Yeah, one whole month. So far so good. For one month, my husband cleaned the house, made dinner, took me to the driving range. If this is what I have to look forward to for the rest of my life, bring it on!

Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm taking the challenge

I've read several of your blogs where you listed 50 things that you loved. I'm stepping up to the plate and am going to list 50 things I love about my new husband. Here I go (gosh, I hope that I can find 50 things)!

1- I love that he sings to me in the morning

2- I love that some of his songs are made up with funny lyrics.

3- I love that he with thinks of special things to do for my family.

4- I love that he immediately write a real life letter back to his sister within 24 hours after he gets one from her.

5- I love that his heart is bigger than life.

6- I love that he takes great care of his body.

7- I love that he primps more than me.

8- I love that he wears cologne to bed to smell good for me.

9- I love that he is meticulous about taking care of the yard.

10- I love that he will wash and wax my vehicle because he can't stand his woman to drive a dirty vehicle.

11- I love that he'll bend over to pick up fuzz off the floor instead of ignoring it.

12-I love that he hold my hand when we sleep.

13- I love that he makes a silly face like the "etch a face" man, you know the magnetic board that you can give the man a beard and hair, etc.

14- I love that he folds his clothes when he puts them in the dirty laundry basket.

15- I love that he calls me Fifi and I call him Hank.

16- I love his laugh.

17- I love that he will rub my feet.

18- I love that he has worked hard to fix up our home.

19- I love how he loves my, excuse me, our dog.

20- I love how he wears is jeans, nice ass.

21- I love that he checks up on his former elderly neighbors.

22- I love that he will stop and help anyone that needs help and not ask for anything in return.

23- I love how he can talk to anyone about nothing at all.

24- I love how he fixes me breakfast every single morning.

25- I love that he has taken over all the vacuuming.

26- I love that he has picks up all the dog shit in the yard.

27- I love that he gives me lots of little kisses.

28- I love that he talks during movies even when I tell him to shut up.

29- I love that he is very loyal.

30- I love that he will remind me to be good to my parents because I won't always have them.

31- I love that he is determined to learn about what he doesn't know.

32- I love that he's mechanically inclined-which he should be since he was mechanic for 12 years.

33- I love that he's pretty wild and crazy.

34- I love golfing with him.

35- I love that we have many of the same values.

36- I love that he can bring my ideas to life.

37- I love that he puts up with my moods.

38- I love that he hands me a hankie when I'm watching a sad movie and then laugh at me crying.

39- I love that he scrubs my back in the shower.

40- I love that plays the Wii with me.

41- I love that he goes to the gym with me.

42- I love that he celebrates holidays with me.

43- I love the fact that he is an amazing lover.

44- I love that he makes me laugh over nothing at all.

45- I love that he respects my feeling and thoughts.

46- I love the times when we lay in bed and have long pillow talks.

47- I love how much he loves his kids.

48- I love how he takes ownership of his past mistakes.

49- I love how as a 52 year old man, he can laugh at his farts.

50-I love him.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Quiet Day

We were supposed to get storms today but nothing. A few drops of rain and storms floating all around us but nothing here. We didn't plan any golf outing so today was a lazy day. I went to church, two weeks in a row. I'm glad a made the decision to start being consistent about going. I tried a new church today that was closer to home. It was okay, lots of young families. I'll probably go back.

Cowboy was up early working in the yard. He dumped tons of fertilizer on the yard earlier this spring so our grass is growing so fast. I'm sure, he'll have to mow again before the end of the week.

Our plan was to spend the day together, but he's been working most of the day. I went to Costco and spent way to much money but we needed everything so I don't feel to bad. When I got home, Cowboy and I went to two Open Houses being held in our neighborhood. One house is just across our back yard and we've been curious about it forever. The contractor has spent tons of time on it and we were curious to see it. So we looked. I think I should have been a professional house shopper. I love looking at houses and dreaming about decorating them.
The house was pretty cool but they are asking too much money for it. If it brings that much, our house will increase in value quickly.

The other house was nice. We have recently gotten to know the owner and were surprised when we found out they were moving. It was like being a voyeur and looking in on someones life without them knowing. Thier house is priced well and would also mean that our would increase in value.

Tonight, Cowboy works and I'm being a bum. Cowboy is leaving on Wednesday for the weekend. He's playing in a golf tournament with his buddies. He'll be gone 5 days. When he's gone, I realize how much I rely upon him and miss him.

I need to fix supper and finish laundry. Gotta go.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


We've had company for the past two days. Cowboy's daughter and her son have been here since Friday. We've been playing with the baby who is now a year old and we've been playing with the Wii with C. It's been a fun to have them around and good to have them go. Our house is not baby proof for sure and that is one little busy boy. It was fun.

Cowboy got up early this morning and got Baby J up and put him in bed with us. We played in bed for about 45 minutes. It really makes me think and dream about having a little one of our very own. Maybe someday.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

He's the man.

I'm totally in love with my Cowboy, as if I haven't said that enough. This man is so amazingly awesome to me and will do anything for me. I am the luckiest woman, wife, in the world. (That's coming from someone that has only been married for three weeks. Maybe I should wait to gush until after we've been married 3 years.) So what did he do today that was so awesome...he finished lining some of my new flower beds with rock. He also finished getting the garden ready for planting. We now have squash, cucumbers, onions and peas planted. As soon as I get to the nursery, I will have flowers planted. What a guy.

So for Earth Day, what did I do. I planted the garden and I bought reusable grocery bags. We usually get the plastic bags because we use them for poop bags but we have so many under our cabinet, I swear they are taking over. We don't need no mor'.

Monday, April 20, 2009

We have a new sport...

The Fox family has moved into the neighborhood. Actually, they have move in next door under the deck. So we have a new sport of watching the kits play everyday. They come out a couple of times a day to play and just hang out. I think momma and daddy fox are off hunting while the little ones come out and show off for us. Here's what we get to see every day.

I tell Cowboy every day that we are so lucky to be living here in a great neighborhood that has wildlife in the back yard.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

No Love from the Police

So I have a little confession. I have not been to church for a very long time. I mean a very long time. So I decided that I was going to get back to going to church regularly. This morning I got up and made it to the 8:30a mass. It was good to get back to church.

On my way home, I stopped to pick up some pictures that I had downloaded to Walgreen's. Apparently their system crashed so no pictures. On my way home, flashing red lights behind me. No clue as to why. Then this prick of a policeman said I was speeding. Going over 40 in a 25. He couldn't tell me exactly how fast because he was "pacing" me. I couldn't find my insurance papers. I could fine every one for the past two years but not the current one.

So I got sited for two things- "basic speeding" and no insurance. The insurance one will be okay. Apparently, our insurance hasn't sent us new cards. Cowboy will take care of that one tomorrow. He wants to fight the other one. We have a friend who is a cop and will ask him the ins and outs of "pacing".

Bummer of a day.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Victoria Secret's Loves Me

Today was a good day for Victoria Secret's and I. I had received a couple of gift cards from a personal shower before the wedding. I had also bought a new bra three weeks ago that I had worn a couple of times but both times it was very irritating to me on the right side under the arm. I was going to a conference today next door to a Victoria Secret's so I thought I would kill two birds with one stone.

They exchanged my bra with no problem and were very helpful. I also happened to have a card for a free pair of panties and a surprise reward card that could be worth between $10 and $500 at check out but you find out when they scan it. So I proceeded to find 5 pairs of panties, two more bras and a cute nightie. The total was about $178 before the sales prices kicked in. After the clerk took off the free panties, and the sales price calculated, I was down to $126. Great. She then ran the reward card and one of my gift cards. The read out said that $26 would be applied to the card. Confusion???

Surprise! The reward card was worth $100. OH MY GOSH!! You are kidding me. YIPEE. The clerks had not seen a $100 card. That left me with $74 worth of gift cards. So three more nighties. Below is my stash. It was a great day.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


I love spring. I'm very anxious about spring poking it's head out and deciding to stay soon. I have lots of projects that I want to do this spring. We are getting ready to put in a vegetable garden. We brought rocks back from the farm to build a few more flower beds. I planted a few annuals (which I always confuse with perennials) and I'm anxious to see them come up and add to them.

I started cleaning out our back brush row that is totally overgrown and I'm ready to make more progress on it.

I love being out of the house and walking around our neighborhood. Tonight, I was taking out the trash and the neighbors great Pyrenees was loose along with a shiz tsu. Sadie played with them for a while and then we walked them to the end of the street to their home.

Then the next door neighbor stopped to say that the foxes have move in under his porch and he would come get me tomorrow to watch them play after work. He also said that he wanted to see our wedding pictures.

I love our neighborhood. I love our home. I love our life.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

He's Back

My Cowboy is home. He made it back from his boys night out, a little worse for wear. He says drinking dark beer and chasing women takes a toll on a guy. HaHa. He was feeling just a little guilty and I got to pick where he took me out to eat and he took me to get dessert. He had lots of hugs and kisses for me. I'm going to play on this guilt thing long enough for a good breakfast tomorrow. This works well for me.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

He's Gone

My husband is gone for the night. He left me today. I'm not sure if I should celebrate or be sad. I love that man dearly but I also love some time alone. I encouraged him to go. His buddy is back in the state to hunt so I told him to go and have a good time. So he left.

He called to say he was feeling a little guilty because he's out of town tonight and then he's leaving again on the 29th for 5 days. I think I'll play a little bit on the guilt and get a few miles out of that one. I'm glad he gone. I want him to have his own fun and time apart from me.

Doesn't absence make the heart grow fonder. Watch out, tomorrow night, I better get lots of hugging and kissing.

On another subject, how does it feel to be married? Most people get married so much younger than I did. I'm 44 years old and have been pretty independent much of that time. So how does it feel? I'm having a few weird moments. Cowboy was talking on the phone and referenced the need to talk to his "wife". It took me a moment to realize who he was talking about. Today, I saw my new name for the first time when I didn't write it. I don't really feel any different but there is a whole new part of my identity that I'm trying to get used to. That is the part that feel weird.

There is also this part that feel more solid in our relationship. More committed and more lasting. I'm loving every minute of being married--all two weeks and 3 days.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Do we live in the city?

These pictures were taken from our back yard. Can you believe that we live smack dab in the middle of the city. There were 5 foxes in all, parents and 3 babies. It's amazing. Cowboy loves the fact that he can see wildlife in our own backyard.

He was great today. Cleaned the house and had wine and cheese here for supper. I'm going to keep him forever.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter wtih Pictures

Cowboy and I headed out for the farm yesterday. Sadie was so happy to be joining us. I think she was trying to help Cowboy drive.

This morning Mom and I went to by brother's church with his family. All the little ones got up to sing "Bubbling" and do the motions with it. It was very cute.

Mom and I took our traditional Easter picture. Not sure what I was doing with my mouth.
The little kids have found their eggs and had their candy and money in a bag. They were being ornery and not letting me take their pictures.

Grandpa was holding his great-grand baby that crawled up on his lap for a little R&R. It was a cute picture. Easter was good. The weather was bad but the day was good. Lots of family. Lots of fun.

Friday, April 10, 2009

My Mom

My mom, bless her heart picked up the wedding pictures and called me to gush over them for about 30 minutes. I knew she was picking them up and I called to see how they were and Dad said mom had taken the pictures to town to show them off. Good Lord, all of SE Kansas will see the pictures before I get to see them. I'm am very anxious to see the pictures. She said the only bad one of the wedding was my brother walking her down the isle--it was to dark. Mom warned me that I will need to have lots of money because so many of the pictures were very good.

She said I was beautiful. Ahhh

We are leaving in the morning for the farm for Easter. Mom always makes Easter a blast. We will all have Easter baskets and she will have a big egg hunt. Mom rocks, she puts money in the eggs and all of her grown children and not so grown grandchildren run all over the farm looking for those eggs. It's not uncommon to miss one or two and Dad will find them sometime over the next year.

Mom is a dandy,

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Our Quickie

This post is for those of you who are old enough to understand the birds and the bees. I must warn you that this is X-rated so if you are not mature, you won't want to hear or see our quickie. Keep in mind what I'm about to share is just a natural act and we have decided that we won't be embarrassed to share it with you. It really was a quickie. And good for both parties. Instead of telling you about it, I have pictures. Go forward at your own discretion.

The courting.

the flirting.

doing the deed!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A few Wedding Pictures

Okay, here are a few pictures of the wedding. I can't wait to get more.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Trying to be Supportive

I received a call from my older sister yesterday...her job was eliminated. Her is her post from our

I still can't believe that I am unemployed, but here I am....After 9 yrs and 9 mths working for the same company, working my way up from the production floor, to accounting, & then to purchasing, making it up to the position of SR Buyer for the last 2 years, as of yesterday, 4/6/09, my position has been eliminated. Shock, disbelief, feelings of rejection, feeling like I failed, and feeling like I lost part of my family. I still don't remember everything that was said in the meeting. All i know is that there were 6 other people in the room. I shouldn't have been in there.....I'm sure there was a mistake.I am still waiting to wake up from this nightmare. I am waiting for the call to say they made a big mistake and they need me to come back.

I went through this in the end of '98 but that was different. That plant closed down, there was a 60 day notice of the closing and we were able to decide what we wanted to do. Even though there was nothing we could do to keep our jobs, we had a choice of leaving early or staying until the doors closed.This time it is so different. There is still a plant that is open, there is still work to do, my friends and co-workers are still there but I'm not. Why me? That was the only thing I wanted to ask but I really didn't want to know the answer. I was assured it was not a performance issue and was offered letter of reccomendations from several people. I do know that I will miss my job and I will miss the people I worked with. I would like to think that the person who made the decision will soon regret it but that is probably a lot to ask.

I will be okay....sooner or later. I am trying to be positive and think of all the things I can do until I find another job. I just have to learn how to cope with the range of emotions I am feeling.It was hard going to sleep last night, I couldn't shut off my brain. You know, the would haves, should haves, could haves. I woke up at 5:30 this am, my regular time, and started crying because I realized I had nowhere to go.So here I am.....

Monday, April 6, 2009

My Husband is Sick

Cowboy is sick. He caught a cold last week and I'm sure the world is ending soon according to him. He is sneezing, sniveling and just complaining about being sick every 2 seconds. I know he's not well because he's not sleeping well. Poor guy. Get well soon, please for my sanity sake. For our first month of married life sake. For his sake. Get well!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Week

Our first week as a married couple is over. I think reality is starting to set in and I have to go back to work tomorrow. I have not taken this long off of work and just stayed at home. It was so nice not having a schedule or someplace to go. We played golf three different days. Yesterday, we took some of our wedding gift cards and bought new pots and pans, silverware and sheets. Tonight we are sleeping on 800 thread count sheets- oh la la. The week has been great.

I had a weird experience yesterday. I was dropping of some film and realized after filling out three envelopes that I was using the wrong name. That coupled with the fact that Cowboy booked a tee time under my married name--it was weird seeing it in black and white. We have officially decided that I will be hyphenating my last name. Tomorrow will be a challenge to remember to do that.

Being married hasn't really felt all that different. However, I do like the title "wife". I have really cherished my time with Cowboy this week. I'm sorry that it's over.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

A few wedding pics!

My beautiful niece and I.

Our first dance.

My best friend and maid of honor, Sharon and I.

Cowboy and I with our Maid of Honor and Best Man.

The Wedding night.

So you won't get all the detail (wink, wink) but I'll tell you about our stay at Chateau Avalon. Every room has a theme and ours was the "Serengeti" room. We arrived around 11:30p and had to choose our breakfast time and what time it was to be delivered. Very nice.

Here is the entrance of the hotel.

Check out time was at noon and we took advantage of every second. Here's Cowboy relaxing the next morning. We watched a movie in bed after we ate breakfast in bed.

Here where I found a place to hang my dress. There was the rhino head and an 8 foot alligator in the room.
Here is the mural on our wall.

There was a bucket filled with glasses and sparkling cider. It was pretty yummy. We toasted while we were sitting in the hot tub.

Here is a view from the tree house where the bed was looking down at the jacuzzi tub.

Our bed was turned down with rose petals all over the bed and a single red rose on the bed. It smelled awesome. Something that I've always dreamed of. Breakfast was very yummy. It came with a homemade cinnamon roll that was out of this world good. I'm very thankful to my friends that gave this to us as a wedding gift. What a wonderful magical night spent as husband and wife.

Friday, April 3, 2009


I know you are all waiting for pictures, so am I. I didn't take any because I asked my wonderful sister to be my informal photographer and she has them all. I am just as anxious as everyone to see them. I called her yesterday to harrass her but that didn't get them to me any faster. I will post some as soon as I get them.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Wedding and Reception

The Wedding Continued....

Once we arrived at the Barn, Sharon and I went to the bathroom to get ready. I loved my dress and shoes. My hair turned out just as I had planned. My makeup was great. Sharon looked great in her dress. My Cowboy....he was handsome and sexy and looked awesome. We took pictures before the wedding. I asked Cowboy what he thought and in his typical reply he said, "I've been looking down your dress". I think he liked the cleavage.

While I was getting ready so much more was happening. The caterer arrived, the DJ was setting up and my cousin hired a quartet (as a wedding gift) to play jazz music before the ceremony and during dinner. They were awesome. So the guest got to listen to great music prior to the ceremony.

After pictures, I hid in the bathroom. I was overcome with so many emotions. I was excited, nervous, anxious, and so much more. More tears of joy and sadness. My sisters poked their heads in, my mom stopped by, and a few other guest found me in the bathroom.

Then was the big moment. The saxaphone player played a solo. My brother walked my mother down the isle. Cowboy walked his adopted mom down the isle. Chuck, the best man, walked Sharon down the isle. My great-nephew pulled the isle runner down the isle. I swear it took him 10 minutes. Someone told him to go slow and slow he went. It was so cute. Then my dad walked me down. Big tear slid down my face. Joy and pride. Dad gave me a big hug and kiss.

Rob, my brother, started the ceremony. I don't remember much of what he said, other than it was funny, warm and very heartfelt. He made a few jokes and they talked about us. All the while I couldn't stop looking at my Cowboy. A tear welled in my eye and at one point, I swear that Cowboy's eyes got a little teary.

We said our vows, exchanged our rings and kissed. We were married! When we walked back down the isle, we stopped for a hug and kiss. It was perfect. We formed an informal receiving line and received congratulations from our guest. At one point my mom came up to me and said with lots of tears in her eyes, "Thank you so much for letting me see your wedding."

My bouquet survived.

The dinner and reception was a blur. I danced a lot, I tried to visit with friends or at least say hi. We ate BBQ, toasted to champagne, ate cake and the dessert bar. Cowboy and I danced several times. Lots of hugs. Lots of friends. No more tears about missing guest. It was a perfect wedding for us. My daddy even danced with me.

We ended about 1 hour earlier than planned and my family and friends rallied around me to tell me that I had to leave. I was planning on cleaning up but Cowboy and I left. My feet thanked me. We were off to our hotel room, a gift from my friends.

We went to get in the truck and look what we found. A truck full of packing peanuts. We laughed, it could have been worse.

The following sign says it all. I'm sad it over and excited it has started, the rest of our lives.
Tomorrow...the rest.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Wedding Day

When Cowboy finally settled down after all the singing, I had this amazing feeling rush over me. I was so grateful that he was home and in bed with me. He makes me feel so safe and secure it just reaffirmed that becoming his wife was the best thing in my life.

After an almost sleepless night, I woke up around 7a and jumped in the shower. I was excited and nervous and anxious all at once. I decided that I would fix breakfast for all of us because I was hungry. Keep in mind, my mind was busy going through everything that needed to be done for the day. I burnt the sausage. Not just burnt but almost set the house on fire, smoke rolling out of the kitchen burnt the sausage. Some were salvageable. So we had a breakfast of crispy sausage, scrambled eggs and toast. Both Sharon and I got ready and headed out. I thought Cowboy was going to sleep in until noon.

Sharon and I went to pick up the flowers. Temperature a whopping 32 degrees and driving rain. Sucky, sucky weather. We made it to the Barn and then whirlwind. The cake lady arrived, the photographer showed up, and the whole family piled in. We were taking family pictures at 11a. Everyone started pitching in to help set up. The biggest two helpers were Sharon and Dr. T. (seen below)

Thank God for Dr.T. She brought snack food and drinks for the family. I don't remember much of this part of the day. At one point my mother told me that my cousins weren't going to make it and tears just started. I told my mom that I didn't want to know who else wouldn't be coming. I remember pictures being taken. I remember being asked lots of questions, none of which I can recall at this moment. I remember smiling a lot for family pictures. And I remember, random moments of tears because of the weather.

So here is how my tables turned out. They were perfect.

We had extra candle holders and bud vases so the windows got decorated. Check out the snow starting outside the window, the cause for more tears.

My groom's cake turned out awesome. I was so happy to see it. Perfect.

The wedding cake was even more beautiful than I had expected. There is a silver W that sits on top. Perfect.

After family pictures and finishing the decorations, Sharon and I headed home. She kept asking if I was okay. Random moments of tears, some tears of joy and some tears of sadness. I tried very hard to keep it together. I know I didn't have any control over the weather but at the same time, I really wanted to have friends and family with me on my big day.
I did have all my immediate family there. I am thankful for that. Sharon kept telling me that I needed to rest. Cowboy brought home hamburgers for lunch. After I ate, I got a text messages from someone saying they weren't going to make it. Then I got a message off the answering machine saying that all my cousins weren't going to make it and then a phone call that I didn't answer. I started crying again. I went to my bed and just cried. It's really hard to explain how I felt at this point. Sharon came in and sat with me for awhile.
I finally pulled my self together for a while and we played a few Wii games. Which almost distracted us so much that we were almost late. I gathered all my things and headed out for the Barn. I had decided to wait until we got there to get ready for the big event.
Sharon did a good job of keeping me distracted on the ride to the barn. Thank God, really Thank God for her.
Tomorrow, the big event.