Friday, April 10, 2009

My Mom

My mom, bless her heart picked up the wedding pictures and called me to gush over them for about 30 minutes. I knew she was picking them up and I called to see how they were and Dad said mom had taken the pictures to town to show them off. Good Lord, all of SE Kansas will see the pictures before I get to see them. I'm am very anxious to see the pictures. She said the only bad one of the wedding was my brother walking her down the isle--it was to dark. Mom warned me that I will need to have lots of money because so many of the pictures were very good.

She said I was beautiful. Ahhh

We are leaving in the morning for the farm for Easter. Mom always makes Easter a blast. We will all have Easter baskets and she will have a big egg hunt. Mom rocks, she puts money in the eggs and all of her grown children and not so grown grandchildren run all over the farm looking for those eggs. It's not uncommon to miss one or two and Dad will find them sometime over the next year.

Mom is a dandy,

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Monogram Queen said...

Enjoy your Mom while you can!