Thursday, May 27, 2010


Just random thoughts:

1) work continues to amaze me...specifically the staff that I work with amazes me. Really, can't you just do your job.

2) my hubby has been very good to me as he should be after his stunt last week.

3) I hate having periods...I told you random. Especially heavy flows and hormonal headaches.

4) I think my dog is getting old and slowing down. However, she is learning to walk around our neighborhood without being on a leash.

5) I think I want to drink a lot of beer tomorrow night.

6)I'm so excited about a 3 day weekend.

7) We've had to replant our garden twice and I'm thinking we might have to re-do for a third time.

8) I planted elephant ears 1 foot deep instead of 1 inch deep and they still came up. Sometimes I really wonder where my mind has gone.

9) I've been playing lots of scrabble on my iphone and love it. I've never played the game before.

10) I haven't slept well all week. I think I'm running on fumes. No wonder staff and my period are driving me to drink.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


On Thursday, I called Cowboy about noon to see what he was doing. He had decided to take a trip with his son out of town to look at a job. They had finished up giving an estimate for the job and stopped to play a game of pool. I needed to let Cowboy know that I had to work late. He said he'd be home about the time that I was getting there. Great no problem.

At 7:30p, I called again and Cowboy was still in Pittsburg playing pool. No need to wait for dinner he'd be on his way home soon.

Around 10:30p, the DIL sent a text, asking if I had heard from the 'boys'. She was concerned that the son was drinking and would be driving. After a 3rd, DUI. I texted back, saying Cowboy wouldn't let that get out of hand.

Finally at 11p, I got ahold of Cowboy. He said he had been playing pool and all night and hadn't drank that much in 20 years. He promised to stay the night and not drive home.

I called the DIL to say I heard from the boys and they were drinking but not going to be driving home. They would be staying at her brother's house, then she let me know her brother was out of town and they didn't have a key. WTF??? GREAT

I didn't sleep well at all. I tossed and turned. Had weird dreams and was pissed.

At 7a, Cowboy called. I was pretty cold to him. Saying I was glad he was safe. They drove home 2 hours after drinking for 9 hours. Brilliant move boys. Cowboy was at his son's house.

I had the day to cool down a little. Wasn't really pissed as much as I was really disappointed and felt pretty disrespected.

Cowboy apologized. I said my piece. He was pretty humble. He promised to never do that again. And I have been the "Queen" all weekend.

Marriage is tough.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Work Ethic

I have always said that there are two types of employees, those that just show up for a paycheck and those that want to have a career. I personally think that I am a career person. I work had, take on lots of responsibility, take great pride in my work and do it all without complaining or causing problems for my employer.

I am super annoyed but those that just show up for a paycheck. Really, just plain annoyed. Just this week, I found out that we had an employee who would leave from her shift for hours at a time and would have sex in our work van. ICK. What is wrong with her? (We actually fired her months ago.)

Another employee is stealing from our clients and leaving long before her shift is over. "She done her time and worked hard" so why not. Really, are you crazy???

Here's the topper. We have given an employee a corrective action for not completing her delinquent paperwork for weeks at a time. She also calls in frequently when she is not sick. She has now filed a grievance against her boss for making her do her job. Really. Lazy, lazy girl. Get a clue and step up and do your job. Stop blaming your failings on your boss. She has been more than generous in giving you chance after chance.

One of the biggest job dissatisfier I have is with the employees that just show up.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


My Cowboy had a birthday on Monday. He turned the big 54. We didn't do much to celebrate but I did fix him a big old german chocolate cake. Surprise, surprise, it's Wednesday and the cake is gone. I had two pieces of it and guess who had the rest. Well almost the rest of the cake. He shared with some neighbors and his son.

I think my Cowboy is so handsome when he has his hat on. He makes my heart melt.

My Cowboy is game for about anything and I love that about him.

One of the things that I love the most is that he has such a huge heart. He is so good with Sadie. He loves me and takes such great care of me. Here to the birthday boy!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pictures from the weekend

Here are a few pictures from my weekend.

Cowboy and I went home for the weekend. My mom's first cousin (quite a bit younger) came back to Kansas for a visit. Tina had not been back since her father's funeral in 1997. She invited my mother out to dinner at the restaurant that her father built. So Saturday night, my Mom and Dad, Cowboy and I and my sister and her husband met Tina and her husband for dinner. It was a really cool evening.

On Sunday, all the siblings came over for Mother's Day. My dear brother was going to trim the bushes in front of the house for my Mom. A slip with the hedge clippers landed him in the hospital emergency room for 3 hours with his wife on Mother's Day. Three stitches later and he is recovering.
Cowboy and my niece's boyfriend are celebrating their birthday next week so in addition to having a Mother's Day celebration, we celebrated their 23rd and 54th birthdays. (Can you guess who's is what).

It was a good weekend at home. I was really sick but it was still good to be home.
My mother has been an amazing person in my life and I am very fortunate to have her as my mom.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Although I don't consider myself a step-mom, I get stuck in the position of having some situations that makes me feel like the wicked step-mom that never gets put in a win-win situation.

Because the daughter is such a mess, Cowboy wants to help her out again. He is talking about buying another car for her. Never mind, we are still paying for the last car and she hawked it for $500.

Really, what do I say. If I say, don't do it, I become the bad guy. But with all my might, I cannot agree with it. So I'm in a lose-lose situation. And I hate, hate it.

Cowboy feels so bad about what she is doing that his response is to help her. He doesn't have the money and he would have to use my (technically) savings account. He says he will get a job to pay it back. WTF, really. You don't want a job now for us but he will get one to enable his daughter. He wants to know that he has done all he can to help her. Really, as if he hasn't done enough.

We can't talk about this because it leads to arguments. We are on such opposing side of this situation.

I will pray and pray some more.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Catch Up

I haven't blogged for awhile because I have so much to write about that I didn't know where to start so I have avoided blogging altogether. So I'll sum up most....

- The daughter has been a mess. Moved into a single women's home to gain support and help and left 3 days later with no place to go. Lived in a shelter, with a random guy, then spent a night in jail, and is now living in a hotel. Cowboy has been so upset and feeling very helpless with the whole situation. It has caused many sleepless night and lots of emotional distancing as he isn't good about talking about that situation.

-Work has been somewhat okay. Lots of pressure to get more done than I have time for but it's manageable. I had to have a conversation with one of my supervisors about her lack of work. I was really getting resentful about her 'hanging' out while I was working my ass off. She has gotten better.

-My mom was in town for the weekend. I love spending time with my mom but each time that I do, it makes me realize how much older my mom is getting and how much I feel the need to take care of her when she is around. She looks frail and weak and not to steady on her feet. She makes me tired.

-Golf has been good and then really good. I shot a 90 on the course and was thrilled but then the next week, it looked like I hadn't played golf in a long long time. Cowboy and I have been finding our grove on the course and no longer have any major meltdowns. Knock on wood.

-I been really thinking about the groove that couples get into, some that brings comfort and some that takes advantage of the other person. I don't want to take advantage of Cowboy and all that he does for me. I'm trying to do things a little differently and get a little frustrated when he doesn't notice or says something that is pretty negative.

-I love my new hot tub. I've been in it almost every night. It does help with my overall soreness.

-I would love to get my kitchen re-done and am looking at ways to do it for less than $4000.
Before we can do that, we have so many outside projects that need to be done. Painting, deck power washing, staining, and on and on.

-I'm constantly worried about money and have chosen to ignore my checking account but that doesn't seem to work when I get nasty overdraft letters from the bank. I really need to win the powerball.

-I can't even begin to talk about my weight.

Enough for the night.