Thursday, May 20, 2010

Work Ethic

I have always said that there are two types of employees, those that just show up for a paycheck and those that want to have a career. I personally think that I am a career person. I work had, take on lots of responsibility, take great pride in my work and do it all without complaining or causing problems for my employer.

I am super annoyed but those that just show up for a paycheck. Really, just plain annoyed. Just this week, I found out that we had an employee who would leave from her shift for hours at a time and would have sex in our work van. ICK. What is wrong with her? (We actually fired her months ago.)

Another employee is stealing from our clients and leaving long before her shift is over. "She done her time and worked hard" so why not. Really, are you crazy???

Here's the topper. We have given an employee a corrective action for not completing her delinquent paperwork for weeks at a time. She also calls in frequently when she is not sick. She has now filed a grievance against her boss for making her do her job. Really. Lazy, lazy girl. Get a clue and step up and do your job. Stop blaming your failings on your boss. She has been more than generous in giving you chance after chance.

One of the biggest job dissatisfier I have is with the employees that just show up.


Lynilu said...

I wonder sometimes if the world, the people in the world, are changing, or is it that our parents and grandparents have told us glorified stories about "the way it was back then." Nah, I think it has changed, even in my own life time.

Monogram Queen said...

I feel ya! My husband had two co-workers that used to have sex in his workvan too. EWWWWWW... he quit and she was eventually fired too.

People are truly disgusting and lazy!