Thursday, May 27, 2010


Just random thoughts:

1) work continues to amaze me...specifically the staff that I work with amazes me. Really, can't you just do your job.

2) my hubby has been very good to me as he should be after his stunt last week.

3) I hate having periods...I told you random. Especially heavy flows and hormonal headaches.

4) I think my dog is getting old and slowing down. However, she is learning to walk around our neighborhood without being on a leash.

5) I think I want to drink a lot of beer tomorrow night.

6)I'm so excited about a 3 day weekend.

7) We've had to replant our garden twice and I'm thinking we might have to re-do for a third time.

8) I planted elephant ears 1 foot deep instead of 1 inch deep and they still came up. Sometimes I really wonder where my mind has gone.

9) I've been playing lots of scrabble on my iphone and love it. I've never played the game before.

10) I haven't slept well all week. I think I'm running on fumes. No wonder staff and my period are driving me to drink.

1 comment:

Monogram Queen said...

I have been campaigning for a total hysterectomy but my OBGYN won't do it. I'm thinking of finding one who WILL.

Enjoy your long week-end & drink lots of beer!!!