Saturday, May 22, 2010


On Thursday, I called Cowboy about noon to see what he was doing. He had decided to take a trip with his son out of town to look at a job. They had finished up giving an estimate for the job and stopped to play a game of pool. I needed to let Cowboy know that I had to work late. He said he'd be home about the time that I was getting there. Great no problem.

At 7:30p, I called again and Cowboy was still in Pittsburg playing pool. No need to wait for dinner he'd be on his way home soon.

Around 10:30p, the DIL sent a text, asking if I had heard from the 'boys'. She was concerned that the son was drinking and would be driving. After a 3rd, DUI. I texted back, saying Cowboy wouldn't let that get out of hand.

Finally at 11p, I got ahold of Cowboy. He said he had been playing pool and all night and hadn't drank that much in 20 years. He promised to stay the night and not drive home.

I called the DIL to say I heard from the boys and they were drinking but not going to be driving home. They would be staying at her brother's house, then she let me know her brother was out of town and they didn't have a key. WTF??? GREAT

I didn't sleep well at all. I tossed and turned. Had weird dreams and was pissed.

At 7a, Cowboy called. I was pretty cold to him. Saying I was glad he was safe. They drove home 2 hours after drinking for 9 hours. Brilliant move boys. Cowboy was at his son's house.

I had the day to cool down a little. Wasn't really pissed as much as I was really disappointed and felt pretty disrespected.

Cowboy apologized. I said my piece. He was pretty humble. He promised to never do that again. And I have been the "Queen" all weekend.

Marriage is tough.

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Monogram Queen said...

Ha ha milk it for all it's worth!!!