Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Awesome Weekend

Oh my gosh, the weekend was just what I needed. I came home a little early on Friday and took off my watch. I didn't want to be tied to a time schedule and I didn't want to make grand plans.

Friday night, Cowboy and I jumped in the car and went to FiveGuys for dinner. We love their hamburgers. On our way, we saw a deer crossing the street (4 lane in town) and honked and slowed down to watch it cross in front of us. Only to see the car coming at us, slow down and hit the deer. Cowboy was pissed. It was senseless and so sad.

Saturday, Cowboy and I bought a great used car for his cousin's girlfriends daughter. We discussed keeping it if they didn't like it. It was fully loaded and drove like a dream. Cowboy started detailing it when we got home and I watered the garden. It was then off to the golf course. The first six holes were great. Cowboy and I got to play by ourselves. Then we joined the two guys in ahead of us, as the play slowed down. They were not fun to play with and we didn't enjoy ourselves very much. We have been pretty lucky that we always get to play with such nice people. Not so much on Saturday.

Cowboy grilled on Saturday night and we had an awesome dinner. Brats, pork chops and chicken on the grill along with crab stuffed mushrooms and fresh spinach. Yummy.

Sunday, we took the car to Cowboy's cousin and his girlfriend. They were thrilled with the car and loved it. I got to drive it. Sooo nice. We then went on to a friend of Cowboy's, Fred and Sue. Freddy and Sue are very simple country folks. They stopped all they were doing and provided us such a warm welcome. We sat in their yard in the yard swing and drank beer and visited all afternoon. They then grilled hamburgers and hot dogs along with homegrown asparagus and fresh salad from their garden. It was a perfect afternoon.

Sue said that Freddy had commented to her that he wasn't sure why Cowboy was his friend but he was grateful. There is only a simple answer to that. Freddy and Sue are great people and Cowboy is a great judge of character.

Monday, we got up and went to breakfast with our neighbors and then played golf with the son and daughter-in-law. I played great. We played on a beautiful course and it was a great afternoon.

I was so sad to see the weekend come to an end. I need more time with Cowboy just like that.

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Lynilu said...

I like weekends like that, nothing planned, nothing wrong. Perfect.