Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekend on the Farm

Cowboy and I went to the farm for the weekend. It's been a while since we have spent the whole weekend on the farm. So for father's day, we headed down to the farm.

We met up with mom and dad and then headed to town for dinner. Town is about 4 miles away and has a population of about 50. But there is a cafe there. It used to be the store and the restaurant was a couple of doors down. (I worked at the old Town and Country Cafe in high school.) A couple came in and made the store into a cafe and moved the store part next door. They serve a great dinner. I decided to pick up the tab--it was a total of $28 for all four of us. Bargain!

Saturday morning, Dad, Cowboy and I headed out to the golf course to meet my brother and nephew for a big golf challenge. We got there at 8a and no one was there to rent us a cart so we started playing. (Golf courses in the city open at dawn.) We had a blast. I did win a couple of holes outright from the "boys". We threw in a game of bingo, bango, bongo. Cowboy and I were the big losers of the game and on the score card. My nephew is 14 and is an amazing golfer. He beat us all.

Saturday afternoon, mom and I went grocery shopping. Then it was home to make chocolate chip cookies for dad and potato salad for Sunday lunch. It was a lazy evening at home.

Sunday morning, mom and I ran to town to buy a few birthday gifts for her great-granddaughter. I finished fixing lunch for 18 of us. Country style BBQ ribs, baked beans, and jello salad. It all turned out very yummy. The most of the family was there. The day was loud, crazy and a lot of fun.

It was good to be with my mom and dad for the whole weekend. It was good to be around the farm and get re-centered and relaxed.

Happy Father's Day Dad. You have done an outstanding job of raising an amazing family.

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Caroline said...

Glad you had a good weekend on the farm. I was laughing at your FB status where you were complaining about everyone getting up so early.

Did you take Sadie with you? I am sure she had a blast as well.

Where are the pictures??