Monday, June 7, 2010

He's learning

Just a same recap in case I haven't talked about this lately. Cowboy has OCD and he is meticulous, especially about our vehicles. He also has a short fuse and likes to rant and rave, at me.

I picked up a 31" used TV for my brother and didn't get it unloaded before I went to work. As I was driving, it tipped over and left a little scratch on the window seal. Really, barely a scratch at all. Most people wouldn't have even noticed. But Cowboy did.

When I asked him to help me unload it, he started his ranting and raving. I told him to stop and he did for a second and then started again. I told him not to start on me. He said fine and then added, "don't talk to me before you leave."

I then sat a box down in the garage. Cowboy asked what was in the box. My come back, "you told me not to talk to you". I went on into the house and started watching TV. About 20 minutes later, he came down from the computer room and was civil to me.

It is really the first time, I didn't listen to his ranting and raving and told him to stop and he did. He thought about it and apologized about it later. Maybe he can learn. Maybe.....


Monogram Queen said...

Baby Steps... I can't stand ranting and raving either. If you can't talk to me in a civil manner than you are NOT talking to me.

~mel said...

Oh to be so young and in love! Like Monogram Queen said, "Baby Steps". I've been married 34 years and I'm still telling myself... Baby Steps. lol I think you did the right thing though by telling him to stop and then taking that 20 minute break from the situation ... giving both of yourselves a little cool down time. I'm glad to hear he apologized ... Just remember ~ he's your diamond in the rough and you have years ahead to smooth the edges and work on training him.