Sunday, June 6, 2010

Another Good Weekend

We had a great weekend. My friend, Dr. T and I went to the movies. Sex in the City 2. Loved it, but didn't think it was as good as the first. It seems that I see those movies at the right time in my life to fit what is happening to me.

It was really good to get together with her and spend time with my friend.

Saturday, we went garage sale-ing and then came back to the house to clean it. We got a little sidetracked when Cowboy bought a new bike. I'll have to post pictures. He can't decide which motorcycle he will keep. The boy cannot keep them both.

We got all our flowers planted around the house. We got 1/2 the house cleaned. Laundry done.

Today was beautiful out and we hit the golf course. We played with a couple of guy that weren't really that fun. That's twice in a row we've had bad luck with our golf partners. However, I played so much better. My goal is to shoot in the 90's on a regular basis. I've done it twice in a row so maybe I'm getting there.

Right now, Cowboy is watching a chick flick with me. I love that man.

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