Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm taking the challenge

I've read several of your blogs where you listed 50 things that you loved. I'm stepping up to the plate and am going to list 50 things I love about my new husband. Here I go (gosh, I hope that I can find 50 things)!

1- I love that he sings to me in the morning

2- I love that some of his songs are made up with funny lyrics.

3- I love that he with thinks of special things to do for my family.

4- I love that he immediately write a real life letter back to his sister within 24 hours after he gets one from her.

5- I love that his heart is bigger than life.

6- I love that he takes great care of his body.

7- I love that he primps more than me.

8- I love that he wears cologne to bed to smell good for me.

9- I love that he is meticulous about taking care of the yard.

10- I love that he will wash and wax my vehicle because he can't stand his woman to drive a dirty vehicle.

11- I love that he'll bend over to pick up fuzz off the floor instead of ignoring it.

12-I love that he hold my hand when we sleep.

13- I love that he makes a silly face like the "etch a face" man, you know the magnetic board that you can give the man a beard and hair, etc.

14- I love that he folds his clothes when he puts them in the dirty laundry basket.

15- I love that he calls me Fifi and I call him Hank.

16- I love his laugh.

17- I love that he will rub my feet.

18- I love that he has worked hard to fix up our home.

19- I love how he loves my, excuse me, our dog.

20- I love how he wears is jeans, nice ass.

21- I love that he checks up on his former elderly neighbors.

22- I love that he will stop and help anyone that needs help and not ask for anything in return.

23- I love how he can talk to anyone about nothing at all.

24- I love how he fixes me breakfast every single morning.

25- I love that he has taken over all the vacuuming.

26- I love that he has picks up all the dog shit in the yard.

27- I love that he gives me lots of little kisses.

28- I love that he talks during movies even when I tell him to shut up.

29- I love that he is very loyal.

30- I love that he will remind me to be good to my parents because I won't always have them.

31- I love that he is determined to learn about what he doesn't know.

32- I love that he's mechanically inclined-which he should be since he was mechanic for 12 years.

33- I love that he's pretty wild and crazy.

34- I love golfing with him.

35- I love that we have many of the same values.

36- I love that he can bring my ideas to life.

37- I love that he puts up with my moods.

38- I love that he hands me a hankie when I'm watching a sad movie and then laugh at me crying.

39- I love that he scrubs my back in the shower.

40- I love that plays the Wii with me.

41- I love that he goes to the gym with me.

42- I love that he celebrates holidays with me.

43- I love the fact that he is an amazing lover.

44- I love that he makes me laugh over nothing at all.

45- I love that he respects my feeling and thoughts.

46- I love the times when we lay in bed and have long pillow talks.

47- I love how much he loves his kids.

48- I love how he takes ownership of his past mistakes.

49- I love how as a 52 year old man, he can laugh at his farts.

50-I love him.


Caroline said...

I love that he wears cologne to bed so he smells good. That is very sweet.

kim said...

I love that he loves my grandkids and makes them feel so important.
And he makes my baby sister happy.

Lynilu said...

That's nice. I hope you will always find as many things to love about him.