Wednesday, April 22, 2009

He's the man.

I'm totally in love with my Cowboy, as if I haven't said that enough. This man is so amazingly awesome to me and will do anything for me. I am the luckiest woman, wife, in the world. (That's coming from someone that has only been married for three weeks. Maybe I should wait to gush until after we've been married 3 years.) So what did he do today that was so awesome...he finished lining some of my new flower beds with rock. He also finished getting the garden ready for planting. We now have squash, cucumbers, onions and peas planted. As soon as I get to the nursery, I will have flowers planted. What a guy.

So for Earth Day, what did I do. I planted the garden and I bought reusable grocery bags. We usually get the plastic bags because we use them for poop bags but we have so many under our cabinet, I swear they are taking over. We don't need no mor'.

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Monogram Queen said...

Honey you go right ahead and gush away! I hope it only gets better. I sure do miss blogging!!!!