Tuesday, April 14, 2009

He's Gone

My husband is gone for the night. He left me today. I'm not sure if I should celebrate or be sad. I love that man dearly but I also love some time alone. I encouraged him to go. His buddy is back in the state to hunt so I told him to go and have a good time. So he left.

He called to say he was feeling a little guilty because he's out of town tonight and then he's leaving again on the 29th for 5 days. I think I'll play a little bit on the guilt and get a few miles out of that one. I'm glad he gone. I want him to have his own fun and time apart from me.

Doesn't absence make the heart grow fonder. Watch out, tomorrow night, I better get lots of hugging and kissing.

On another subject, how does it feel to be married? Most people get married so much younger than I did. I'm 44 years old and have been pretty independent much of that time. So how does it feel? I'm having a few weird moments. Cowboy was talking on the phone and referenced the need to talk to his "wife". It took me a moment to realize who he was talking about. Today, I saw my new name for the first time when I didn't write it. I don't really feel any different but there is a whole new part of my identity that I'm trying to get used to. That is the part that feel weird.

There is also this part that feel more solid in our relationship. More committed and more lasting. I'm loving every minute of being married--all two weeks and 3 days.

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