Sunday, April 26, 2009

Quiet Day

We were supposed to get storms today but nothing. A few drops of rain and storms floating all around us but nothing here. We didn't plan any golf outing so today was a lazy day. I went to church, two weeks in a row. I'm glad a made the decision to start being consistent about going. I tried a new church today that was closer to home. It was okay, lots of young families. I'll probably go back.

Cowboy was up early working in the yard. He dumped tons of fertilizer on the yard earlier this spring so our grass is growing so fast. I'm sure, he'll have to mow again before the end of the week.

Our plan was to spend the day together, but he's been working most of the day. I went to Costco and spent way to much money but we needed everything so I don't feel to bad. When I got home, Cowboy and I went to two Open Houses being held in our neighborhood. One house is just across our back yard and we've been curious about it forever. The contractor has spent tons of time on it and we were curious to see it. So we looked. I think I should have been a professional house shopper. I love looking at houses and dreaming about decorating them.
The house was pretty cool but they are asking too much money for it. If it brings that much, our house will increase in value quickly.

The other house was nice. We have recently gotten to know the owner and were surprised when we found out they were moving. It was like being a voyeur and looking in on someones life without them knowing. Thier house is priced well and would also mean that our would increase in value.

Tonight, Cowboy works and I'm being a bum. Cowboy is leaving on Wednesday for the weekend. He's playing in a golf tournament with his buddies. He'll be gone 5 days. When he's gone, I realize how much I rely upon him and miss him.

I need to fix supper and finish laundry. Gotta go.


Lynilu said...

The housing market is just awful. When houses are priced for what their value probably is, it is more than most people can pay now. But the sellers have to sell for at least their balance. Awful.

I need to do some top soil and fertilizer in my back yard. I have to build up the soil there, the rest of the land is zeriscape, totally natural, so no fertilizing, but lots of clearing. I don't know which is worse!

Caroline said...

Quiet days are the best.

I would love to do some landscaping for my yard, but right now the huge hole in the front yard is a small distraction.