Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wii workout

For Christmas, my mom gave me money to by my Christmas present. I bought the new EA Active workout for the Wii. I have done about 6 workouts so far and can I tell you that I love it and it totally kicks my butt. I sweat and feel the burn. It is a change from the same workout that I have been doing for years at the gym. I'm so happy with it and I don't mind doing it at all, that's the best part. I'm motivated to come home and change my clothes and work hard at it. It gives you a targeted calories burn and I love it when it shows me that I have beat that at the end of my workout.

Cowboy is being very supportive of me working out with the Wii. I explained to him that I'm loving the variety and I can tell my jiggly parts are getting firm. After grabbing my butt, he agreed.

I've also been thinking about trying some alternative methods to reduce stress to help my body functions better. I'm thinking about acupuncture or massage therapy. I just think that stress that I am under at work has caused my body not to work correctly. We'll see what direction I go.

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MJ said...

I haven't gotten acupuncture, but I have had accupressure, and it's pretty cool, acupuncture can only be MORE effective.

I recommend doing both--switch it up every now and then. I'm a HUGE proponent of massage (being a massage therapist and all, I used to get PLENTY, and life was SO GOOD) when you find a therapist that just "gets you", but I think that acupuncture could do quite a bit for you, too.