Friday, March 26, 2010

The Daughter

So the daughter turned 27 this week. She got to celebrate her birthday in JAIL. Just where every 27 year old should spend their birthday. She has been using pills and hanging out with the wrong people. It's no wonder that that is where she should spend her birthday there.

So the story that we have gotten so far is that she got stopped for speeding. When she got stopped, they found out she had a suspended license. She was given a court date and on the day of her court hearing, she was to tired to go. (Apparently, she didn't take care of everything that she needed to from her last go around with losing her license.) The weekend after the missed court hearing, her drug dealer came around and hung out the whole weekend and when he wouldn't leave, she called the cops to have him thrown out. The cops showed up and she had a warrant, so she was hauled off and the pusher was told to go home.

Will she ever learn? Apparently not. Today Cowboy got a call from the police department from a town that he took the daughter to yesterday. They were investigating a theft from a store in that town and wanted to talk to her. My gut tells me that she forged her prescription for pills and will soon get busted for that.

I feel so sorry for Cowboy. I can't imagine what I would do if she were my biological daughter. I believe she is very active in her addiction to prescription pills. She needs treatment an those in her life to stop enabling her. I'm not sure when that will happen. It is so sad.

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