Monday, March 22, 2010

His Dad

Cowboy and I went to the gym this morning and on the way home he told me this story:

Cowboy's words:

"When I was newly divorced, I was living in my mom and dad's basement. My life was pretty upside down and I wasn't happy about much in my life. However, I kept going to work every morning at 5:30a. I remember getting up and being real quiet so I wouldn't wake Mom and Dad up, and I would sneak up the basement steps. My dad would be sitting in the dark at the kitchen table and he would say, "You better eat something, son." He would have a bacon and egg sandwich on the table waiting for me. He would get up and cook for me and he didn't have to do that."

What a wonderful memory about a Dad. I really wish I would have met him.


Lynilu said...

That is a very nice story. It's especially nice, because many dads wouldn't think of that; it's mom's job. Cool.

Caroline said...

What a wonderful memory that Cowboy has of his Dad.