Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Anniversary Cowboy!

WooHoo, we made it! One year. One of the best years of my life. One year of saying husband and hearing wife. I am so proud of being married to my Cowboy. At times, my heart feels so full that it's going to burst. One year of being a team that is always there for each other.

We made dinner plans with Cowboy's son and his wife. I bought Cowboy a new wedding ring for our first anniversary. He didn't was a wedding ring when we got married so we bought him cheap $15 ring from Wal-Mart for pictures. He started wearing the ring about 2 months later. I couldn't handle him wearing a $15 ring so that was his present.

I also got Cowboy a replica of his groom's cake. He didn't get any on our wedding night and was very surpised when I brought it home. He loved it.

Today, we went to play golf. I played horrible. He surprised me with dinner out at Olive Garden. A good weekend for us.
Our baby girl taking a nap and wondering what we are up to.

Cowboy's new wedding ring. He loves it and says it's much more comfortable that the cheap one.

Cowboy's son and his wife on our dinner night out.

The replica of Cowboy's grooms cake. He was so surprised and loved that I thought about it.


Lynilu said...

Well, well, well! happy anniversary to you both. What thoughtful, nice efforts you made for him. That's always the best thing, big, little or in between.

Caroline said...

Happy Anniversary. I still hate that I didn't make it to your wedding because of the weather. Glad your first anniversary had better weather.