Monday, March 8, 2010

Quick Post

*Got back from Arizona and was so glad to be home, although I'm leaving again on Friday.

*Friday was a busy day at work, payback for being gone.

*Saturday was a lazy day. I did have a date with my husband and went to see Avatar. Loved it. Good dinner out afterwards.

*Sunday I didn't like my husband (he said some stupid hurtful things) so I escaped to church to pray for his soul, and treated me and a girlfriend to a pedicure. I also took my dog for a run/walk.

*Monday was another long day at work. We had to fire another employee. I'm sure that is some kind of record, 3 in a week. Totally sucks! And my new team leader is hated by her staff.

I may leave on Friday and never come back. We really need to win the lottery!

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