Friday, April 2, 2010

Crazy and in need of people skills

Here's a work blog. Just when I was so excited about work getting better, it took a terrible turn for the worst.

In February, I hired a new team leader (referred to as CL, ie. Crazy Lady)to supervise the counselors on my unit. My first clue that something wasn't quite right should have been the 20 phone calls that I got from her from the time that I offered her the job to the day that she started. Trust me, it has been a long 6 weeks.

Let's see here is a short recap of the past six weeks.
-one counselor threatened to quit
-CL took a couple hours off the second day of work
-she said she wasn't sure she could work there on the third day
-she called and quit at 9:15 and then called to say she wasn't quitting at 3:45
-she starting patting other staff members on the butt
-CL won't stop doing the things I told her not to do
-CL won't do the things that I was telling her to do
-CL walked out of work one day saying she had a migraine and then called me to say she had been driving around thinking (interesting migraine)
-she's missed 3 days of work in 6 weeks

So today, I let her know that she was terminated as she is still in her probationary period and it wasn't working. She then proceeded to tell me that I needed to work on my people skills and then she called me crazy.

It was not fun.


Caroline said...

Wow. I continue to be shocked at some peoples worth ethics.

Lynilu said...

Can you take a class is "People Skills"? I think you should, just to be sure it isn't you.

Good grief. Don't you hate the times when you look back and say, "I shoulda ...."? And you wonder why the heck you didn't!

OK, you crazy, unskilled woman, straighten up! ;)

MJ said...

WOW. You're not kidding. The woman is certifiable.

I unfortunately had a boss like that once. I was under contract, couldn't fire her and sure as SHIT wasn't going to quit.

Longest 2 months of my life.