Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bad Day

It was a bad, long day. I'm glad it's almost over.

We went to the farm for the weekend to see the family. Got to spend some good quality time with mom and dad. That did well for relaxing and getting rid of some stress. That lead to today.

Here it is:

No food for lunch.

Went to wrong location for work today (I know, I know)

Forgot my phone (ie. brain)

Forgot to lead a group for the clients--so I was 15 minutes late.

Only had oatmeal for lunch because that was all that was in the desk drawer.

About had a panic attack when I thought a proposal was due today. (it's due next monday)

Found out our office move had to be postponed and I rescheduled it during my vacation--not smart.

Have an employee who doesn't want to do a new part of his job so he's being very passive aggressive.

Had to work late.

Came home and spent 3 hours in the kitchen, cooking, making salsa and freezing tomatoes.



Anonymous said...

You got your "Bad Day" out of the way for this week so it can't go anywhere but UP!

Take care of yourself little sister, I worry about you.
Love you

Caroline said...

I like how Kim thinks!! Hang in there...it's almost over.

Are you still going to be able to go on your little getaway?? If your dates change I will still be able to watch Sadie..she is welcome at my house anytime.

Lynilu said...

Some days should be rewound and rechoreographed. This is one.