Monday, September 21, 2009

Countdown is on

The countdown is on. Two days of work and then three days of golf, away from home, with just my Cowboy. Two tee times on Thursday, comfy hotel, golf on Friday, dinner out, golf on Saturday and then a out with friends on Saturday night. I asked Cowboy to make sure that I didn't partake in too many spirits on Saturday night. To which he replied, "We aren't golfing on Sunday." I just don't like hangovers.

Sadie is going to be spoiled while we are gone. She's going on her own vacation.

I'm so excited. Can't wait. Can I leave tomorrow?

Two days of work left...big bummer!


Lynilu said...

But .... are you really excited? I mean, really?

Monogram Queen said...

Just keep the thoughts on your get-away (but golf - GOLF?! Ugh! LOL)
I guess I have deep-seated hatred for the game because my Daddy has always been a fanatic and drug me around the links from the time I could walk until I became a rebellious teen!