Friday, September 18, 2009

Gushing Again

Let me just gush a little more about my husband. I made him go to work with me today to help me pack and move. He was a huge help to me and was a real trooper all day long. After we got home, we went shopping and he bought me a new bracelet and three charms for my birthday.

Here is my new Pandora bracelet. I am so excited. Cowboy is a keeper. I am a lucky woman.

Here a little story behind my bracelet. A couple of years ago I bought my best friend her bracelet and have added charms. For my wedding, as a gift to my best friend, maid-of-honor, and my friend, Dr. T. I bought them both the treasure chest and round pink bead. I wanted to have the same charms as them so, there are the first two beads. The lady at the store suggested to Cowboy the third charm, the forever charm.

Love it!


Lynilu said...

Very nice!

Caroline said...

Love the bracelett. When you put your update on FB I wasn't sure what kind of bracelett it was so I went and looked and love all the different charms you can get. Now I know what to get you for a gift.