Monday, May 19, 2008

Huge Compliment

Occassionally, Cowboy will pass out a huge compliment. He says he doesn't do it often to keep me in line. Whatever. Today, he said he was happy to play golf with his son, however, I was his favorite golf partner. (Huge, huge compliment) So many men hate to play golf with women, so I'm thrilled he likes to golf with me.

I have worked hard with him to let him know that our relationship doesn't have to be one sided. He takes care of me or I take care of him. We are really working on the concept of being a team and doing what teammates do--cheer on the other, carry your own weight, help the other out, etc. He's catching on and getting very good at being my partner and teammate. His past relationships have always been very one sided--He's always played the role of a caretaker. Today I told him that I was probably the best woman he has ever known and he's lucky to have me. He couldn't argue with that....he's learning.


Caroline said...

I know I keep saying this, but you guys are so freakin cute. I didn't know you before Cowboy, but it just seems like you are getting happier with each passing day.

Lynilu said...

That is cool. I'm glad you are working on it now, instead of having to try to make up for mistakes later. If more people would do that, I think there would be fewer divorces. Heh, maybe fewer marriages, too when people figure out they can't compromise. Either way, it is an improvement!

Continued good luck!

Monogram Queen said...

Okay i'm not trying to be funny but do you mean Huge or actually Hugh??? I'm corn-fused! LOL

MJ said...

See what happens when its been a long day and I'm in hurry..Thanks for helping me out.