Friday, May 2, 2008

Wild Day

What a wild day. The weather was out of control in the city. Tornado warnings, sirens, thunder, lightening, high winds, etc. Sadie is very afraid of storms so at 2:30a she was huddled next to the bed, in a tight little ball, shaking. I slept with my hand on her until about 4:30a when she insisted it was time to eat. She never did really calm down until I left for work. We woke up with no electricity, I think she knew something was wrong.

My mom called to ask if we were all right. I told her that I didn't know what she was talking about--no light, tv or radio. She clued me into all our bad weather.

My sister called to say she was in town and was going to drive to my parents house with me. That was a nice surprise. We did a little shopping and then headed out of town. Our first hour and 30 minutes were spent sitting on the interstate just trying to get out of town...not a good sign. It took me 3 1/2 hours to get to my parents and it should have taken and hour and 45 minutes.

Sadie was not so good in the house today. On the bed and on the new couch, I can handle the bed but not the couch....bad, bad girl.

Great news, I was able to watch Survivor on the internet---preempted by the storms last night. It was a great show.

A weekend with the parents--should be interesting. I haven't been home for a whole weekend by myself in a long time. I hope they don't get sick of me. They all go to bed when the sun goes down so I have lots of quiet time on the farm. It's is good to be back. It helps center my soul and give me peace. Too much time here can also make me crazy...balance, it's all about balance.

Cowboy called 6x today. I told him his friends were going to start harassing him...he said they already were. Good!

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Caroline said...

I wasn't expecting a post from you, so seeing a new one was a great surprise. Glad to hear you made it there OK.

Enjoy the quietness of the farm and take some time to look at the stars. That is one thing I hate about living in the never can see the stars.

I am sure Sunday can't come soon enough for you and Cowboy. You guys are too cute.