Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"Oh Deer"

So I pulled the car in the garage the other day and this is what I see. Cowboy found a new place to hang his hat. How many people do you know with a deer head in their garage that doubles as a hat rack???

I know I am a lucky woman. Cowboy fixes my lunch for work everyday. I've known other husbands that have done that and I never thought I would be one of those women who don't know what's in the lunch bag because I didn't pack it. He always adds special touches in there for me.

I have to go out of town until Friday and he wanted me to make it home before the rain because he couldn't stand the thought of sending me off to my conference in a dirty car. I made it home in time and he was releived that he didn't have to wash and wax the car for the fifth time in the two weeks that we have owned the car.

He takes such good care of me. I am a lucky woman!!!


Caroline said...

Yes you are lucky to have Cowboy, but he is also very lucky to have you. It's good to see you so happy and being treated so well.

Caroline said...

P.S. Have fun at your conference and be sure to tell your friend I said "hi". :)

Lynilu said...

LOL! I actually had a friend long ago who hung a deer head in his garage like that!! No kidding! He used to practice sailing his hat through the air to see if he could "hang it up" on the rack!!

Yeah, you sound pretty durn lucky. Hang onto him! :)

Monogram Queen said...

A good man is hard to find, or I should say a good "mate".

My sister's husband is a hunter and they have a deer above their fireplace which is decorated with christmas lights etc. Cute!