Friday, May 9, 2008

He's Crazy

I justed asked Cowboy what I should write about tonight... He said "it's a quarter until 11, and I'm going to bed, so I don't care what you blog about. I recommend you get your ass to bed now because I'm going to roll you out of bed early in the morning". He walked into the bedroom and then came back out and said "unless, I'm tired and sleep in." He's crazy. Then he had to point out the fact that I missed the trash can with a piece of floss. He had to ask if it was me that missed the trash can. (Three times, mostly because I ignore him) "No baby, it was one of the other 25 people that live in the house, that came into our bedroom and threw the floss on the floor." Really, it's just me and him that live here, and if he didn't miss the trash can that just leaves me. Do you really have to ask??

Work was better today. Cowboy is almost done tinkering with the car. He bought a new window motor and then found out it was the switch, which he fixed and so we can return the motor. That'll save us around $230. My Miata is beautiful and I'm excited to drive it somewhere other than around the neighborhood. My neighbors are going to think I'm crazy.


Caroline said...

Does Sadie floss? It could have been her that missed the trash can. :)

I am so happy that you do not have to replace the motor for the window. Yay on saving money. Did you tell him he can put that $230 towards a ring for you??? :)

Lynilu said...

In our house, everything was blamed on the most recent one to move out. I've been living alone for 2.5 years now .... I've no one to blame!! Boy, it's rough being the last one home!!

Monogram Queen said...

Who cares what neighbors think? Not me!

In our house it's two gremlins - you may have saw them in the Family Circus Cartoons of past.
"Idaknow" and "Not Me".