Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Drunk Cowboy

It was his birthday and I wasn't home so he went to see his friend here in town. Apparently, Guinness, lemonade and gin were the drink of the evening and judging from when he got home, he had plenty to drink. It's it amazing that after lots of drinks, some cigarettes and who knows what else, men tend to think they are the sexiest thing in the world..... he was quite amusing. I had to just laugh and keep reminding myself that it was his birthday.

It was also a very short night. He had to be at his son's at 7:30a for a golf outing. I opted out of this one and got to spend all morning by myself. When I was single, I hated spending all weekend by myself and welcomed company. My married friends would complain about not having time to themselves. I get it now. The time alone was welcomed. I didn't even get dressed until after noon.

We had Cowboy's kids and their other halves over for dinner. Great food, good company. It was the first time in 2 1/2 years for various reasons that both kids have been with their dad in the same place. It was awesome having them here and I think everyone enjoyed it.


Caroline said...

What..No photos of the drunk cowboy????? Glad he had a good time on his birthday.

A few months ago I was complaining how I never had plans on the weekend, but this past month I have been so busy every single weekend. As much as I love being busy and spending time with friends I do miss those days where I have nothing planned.

Monogram Queen said...

Glad you had a good time.

I very much value alone time! Glad you "get it". It's a rare commodity when you are partnered and/or have kids!