Monday, May 26, 2008

A Day for Rest

So we finally got our day of rest. After company and cleaning yesterday, today was a day for being lazy. We slept in until about 8:30a, a little breakfast, and I read for awhile. I love reading and haven't given myself much time for it lately. A friend turned me on to a new to me author, Jodi Picoult. I just finished reading 19 minutes and thought it was worth reading. I have another of her books waiting to be started.

We had a tee time around 1p and waited anxiously all morning to see if we would get rained out. It was a go. Cowboy gave me 9 strokes and we were playing for dinner. After 17, we were tied so it came down to the last hole. We both tied. I argued that since he didn't beat me, he had to buy dinner. He said he didn't lose, so I had to buy dinner. The two guys we were golfing with thought they should decide. They picked Cowboy to buy. We settled for a compromise, no one bought, he fixed dinner for me and it was very good.

Then it was TV time. At around 8:30p, he came into the living room to watch TV with me. I sucked him into watching the Bachelorette. Picture that. His comment, "How'd you get me to watch such trash TV, we need to be watching a western". I just reminded him that I watch a lot of westerns with him, he can watch this with me. And he did.


Caroline said...

Glad you were able to get some golf in today and so glad you guys were able to rest some.

Ask Cowboy if he wants to borrow my LHOTP DVD's. That way there is always a western available for you guys to watch. :)

Monogram Queen said...

A little bit of give and take.. that's what life is all about.
My Dad is a golfer. You have my sympathies LOL

Anonymous said...

So glad you got your much needed and well deserved rest. Sorry for the extra cleaning the kids left you.
I guess I should have come up on Sunday to help you.
who dried the floor?