Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Male Bonding

Wednesday night at the local pub is cheap beer night. It is not uncommon for Cowboy to meet his buddy Fish for a drink or two or three or four. Tonight they met for several beers. Cowboy calls me around 6:30p saying he was on his way home and would grill. Oh and by the way, Fish is coming over for dinner. Not really a problem with me. However, Cowboy comes into the house saying how he had to go have the beers with Fish to show him that he wasn't "pussy-whipped". "You know, you can't let your buddies think you are pussy whipped" Cowboy informed me. I knew I was in for a fun time. Really, why is it that when boys are around their friends, they have to act all tough and macho. During dinner I get a "Woman, hop up and get my coffee out of the microwave". Really, did you say that. Just a macho statement to try to prove you aren't whipped.

He did redeem himself a little. He did the dishes and the brought me a small hot fudge sunday with nuts on top. I think he knows he is whipped!


Caroline said...

The fact that Cowboy gets up every morning and makes your lunch just proves that he is indeed whipped. The funny thing is....doesn't sound like there is anything he can do about it. Oh, and tell Cowboy that I think it's adorable that he *tries* to act all tough around his friends. That Cowboy of yours sure is a funny guy.

Lynilu said...

It's all just goofy face-saving maneuvers with the men, and I think it is funny as heck, because I believe the "buddies" actually believe it!!! Men are such .... doofuses!

Monogram Queen said...

You just have to remind yourself that men are just little boys in a bigger version LOL