Thursday, May 22, 2008

Time to Blog

The jury is still out. Cowboy is still not sure that I should be blogging. Every evening, he goes between getting off the computer long enough to let me blog and kicking me off the computer so he can do his "work". He does need the computer to work but he's starting to frustrate me. So I'm home by myself and I can blog all I want and read all the blogs I want. I keep telling him that this is a history of our life but I don't think that is important to him. He'll thank me when were 8o years old and read this.

Work has been crazy. Bear with me for a second. I would love my job if it weren't for employee issues. Why can't people just do their job? I mean really, if you know what is expected of you and you have the skills and tools to do your job, why don't you just do it so I won't have to fire you and deal with the mess you leave behind. We fired someone this week. That is never a pleasant task, I can't say she wasn't warned because I said clearly to her face that she was headed in that direction. Enough about that...

Work was good today but there are days that I would much rather be a worker bee instead of the queen bee. However, we got a very nice compliment from that State department that we contract with. Some good and some bad, I guess that is all in a days work.

I was in charge of supper tonight. We are trying Papa Murphy's for the first time. I hope it's good. We don't get pizza often. Cowboy is in for a treat.


Lynilu said...

"I would love my job if it weren't for employee issues. Why can't people just do their job?...."

Helllllooooo??? Don't you know that is the rule for working in the latter half of the 20th Century, to be as hard to get along with as your boss can imagine? I hated that, too. It was less of a problem when I had only masters level persons to supervise, but there was one that was like a whirling dervish!!

Papa Murphy's is w.o.n.d.e.r.f.u.l! It's my favorite pizza, and I miss it SO much!! Eat a piece for me, OK?

And tell Cowboy to just cool his jets .... make that to quit jangling his spurs! He's going to be getting a "needs to learn to share with others" on his report card!

Caroline said...

Tell Cowboy that the solution to him not being able to share the computer is you getting a laptop. Once you get a laptop you will never want to go without blogging. The first thing I pack when I go laptop.

I keep thinking that my life would be so easy if everyone had the same work ethic as me. I am sure you probably feel the same way.

Tomorrow is Friday, it's a long weekend and it's almost someone's b-day...your life is looking pretty good.

Monogram Queen said...

Mmmmm you said pizza! So sorry about the employee issues. Been there, done that, still doing that! LOL