Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Yard Boy

We have started a big yard project. When we moved into our house, we both realized how neglected the yard had been. We quickly learned from our neighbors that the previous owners were never outside and neved did any yard work. On Cowboy's birthday, we had 10 yards of dirt hauled in. He has been putting dirt in the holes in our yard for the past three days.

Today, I called home and he was a grumpy butt. Occasionally, he gets in foul moods (maybe male PMS) and is not pleasant to be around. I ended the phone call quickly. He called back later in a good mood. I talked him into going to buy flowers with me. It was fun having someone to go with me.

One thing you have to know about Cowboy is he will talk to anyone. We were at Home Depot and he saw a Mini Cooper convertible in the parking lot. He went over to inspect it and asked everyone he saw if it was theirs. Some hot chick claimed it was hers and the conversation was on. I swear I did all my shopping, paid and was waiting at the truck and he was still talking. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a little. He came out the store waving keys saying he asked the girl if he could take the car of a spin. I just looked at him like he was crazy. It dawned on me that he was waving his keys....silly boy.


Caroline said...

Your Cowboy reminds me a lot of Lynilu's late husband. Just like Cowboy, Glenn was friends with everyone and no one was a stranger to him.

You are so lucky to have a Yard Boy. Don't you love the fact that you go to work and when you come home your yard has magically transformed. I need to get me one of those...Well..not a Yard Boy, but a Yard Girl.

Monogram Queen said...

Ha Haaa that was a good one!

I have a yard boy too!

Lynilu said...

Well forst of all, I was going to say what Caroline said about Cowboy having that similarity to Glenn. I'm too slow, I guess!! LOL!

And I want a yard boy!!! I WANT A YARD BOY!!!!! My yard is pitiful!

Sigh. Some people have all the luck!!