Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Oops- I missed a day

Blogging Day 3 Challenge-First Love So I have somewhat of an excuse- yesterday was my 2nd anniversary so didn't think it was quite appropriate to blog about my first love. I didn't date much in high school and didn't really have a boyfriend in college. So I didn't have my first love until I finished college. I had just graduated and was living in the same town I went to college. I was working my first real job. When I met my first love , Jimmy Don Q.. I met him at a cowboy bar when I was out with my friends. All I remember was that he asked me to dance quite a bit that night and that he talked a lot. I saw him a couple of weeks later and we ended up dancing the night away. He was in the army, divorce and had a son--all the things that I said I did not want in a relationship. That night he wanted to take me out to for breakfast and then take me home. No go. (I had such good boundaries with him). We had a date that Monday and the rest was history. We saw each other almost daily from then on. He was fun, so nice and great to be around. He was scheduled to leave about 8 months after we met and I kept saying that I would say good-bye when the time came. In the end, I moved with him. I was so in love with him and believed that I would be married to him for the rest of my life. We were together for over a year and in the end, he was transferred to Korea, where he got married about 4 months after being there. He broke my heart. But in the end, I'm glad that I had met him and loved him. There are times that I wish I could see him one more time. There are times that I wonder what my life would have been like. I used to think about him often but over the past 21 years, that memory has faded and he's just a sweet thought that crosses my mind every now and again.

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