Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 7- Movies

I guess I should be saying--assignment 7 versus Day 7, since my days don't run consecutative. On with today--MOVIES There are several movies that I just love and will watch them over and over again-either on DVD, VHS or TV. The first was probably the Wizard of Oz. This movie was a family event and we watched it every year religiously. The other movies that I loved and still do Man on Fire--must be the helper in me that feels for the broken spirit of Creasy. Lion King-what can you say Hakuna Matata (did is spell that right) Shawshank Redemption-cause every one has to have hope The Notebook- Alzheimer's runs in the family and I wonder what it was like when my grandma realized Sweet Home Alabama-good old fashion love story Legends of the Fall-the family dynamics and love twist, get me every time Avatar-I'm not a sci-fi lover but loved this film, probably why it makes the list Who can forget- TopGun- my first love and I had lines from this movie memorized and would watch it every weekend. I love movies.

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