Sunday, August 14, 2011

Kauai Day 2

Kauai day 2 started with being up before the sun came up. The five hour time difference made getting up at 5am feel like sleeping in. I went with the brother and family for a drive up the north coast. We stopped for some mountain shots and just to look at the beautiful island. Then it was off to find Hanalei Bay for a little beach time.

We then went to the famous lighthouse on the island and were able to see amazing views of the coast line form the point. The lighthouse was under renovation so we didn't get to get great picture.

Next it was off to meet up with the whole crew. We drove down the south coast and around to the west. We stopped off at Spouting Horn to see the water come in through the lava flows and we saw several sea turtles. Sea turtles are supposed to bring good luck.

We were then on our way to Waimea Canyon. It is considered the Grand Canyon of the island and it was beautiful. We had a great time there. It was the beginning of our planking experiences. (more on that later).

The day was amazing and so much fun for all.

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