Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kauaii: Day 4

So Day 4 started with at trip to Princeville Valley Adventures. We went on the Jungle Valley Adventure. The trip consisted of a mile hike, 3/4 mile of kayaking, followed by more hiking and then the zip line. The zip line was 480 feet over a valley 150 feet below then across a swinging bridge to 450 feet of zip line back. Then more hiking to a waterfall that we jumped off the rock ledge into the pool below. We had lunch and then hiking back, kayaking and more hiking. This was probably the most unexpected fun part of our trip. We all loved the kayaking and wished it was a longer ride.

Our Little Miss was the first on the zipline. She had been on a zipline diet of brownies all summer to gain enough weight to be able to ride.

Here's her momma's reaction.

The brother was being a little showoff.

Later that night, we went to the Smith Family Luau. The food was good and the performance was pretty awesome.

Little Miss jumped up on stage to do a hula dance. She's a preformer.

The opening ceremony with a real live cooked pig.

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MJ said...

Ok. So where have you gone? How's your mom? How are YOU? No one blogs anymore!!!